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Bosch eBike Software Update Service

£0.00 In Store Only

This product is restricted to 'Our bike customers'.


As a Bosch UK service centre we have all software update equipment to update all Bosch eBike Systems 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016+. 

The beauty of the Bosch system is that it can be updated, so for example in a few years time, Bosch bring out new features / functions, there's no need to buy a new eBike, simply update it!

From time to time Bosch also release fixes, that although may have gone un-noticed on your eBike, it can also prevent any future issues. 

This service is free of charge to customers who have purchased their bike from us on production of the original cycle sales invoice.

Once ordered and you checkout, we will call you on the number provided to arrange a time for you to bring your ebike in-store to be updated.

Customer Reviews

Excellent option. A friend bought a new Bosch ebike and he has a better walk assist then my 1 year old unit. The new uphill mode looks like it would be good too and it's great you are looking after your customers by doing it for free. Just got to check with my New Zealand dealer to see if he will also do this.

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