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Tern GSD S10 Electric Cargo Bike Bosch 2022

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The new Tern GSD electric cargo bikes are available to pre-order in Black (ETA January 2022) or Tabasco Orange (ETA February 2022). Buy your model now from the UK's premier Tern eBike dealer and we'll be in touch on arrival. We are the first to receive these Bosch powered cargo eBikes.

Early Pre-Order* Reservation: Reserve your new GSD model now by paying in full or alternatively leaving a small £199 deposit.

Who is this bike suitable for?

The new 2021 Tern GSD S10 is the perfect example of where design, function and movement come together to form a sustainable transport tool like no other! Whether you need something for "last mile" deliveries, taking the kids to school or all-round leisure riding with friends and family the new 2022 Tern GSD Electric Cargo bike does it all, with limitless customisation options for every use. 

A sturdy, reliable, non-flexy, compact electric cargo bike with plenty of accessories to transport kids or even other adults, rated to haul up to 400 lbs -

New Features

The new 2022 Tern GSG Electric Cargo bike is latest evolution of an already highly popular cargo ebike - we're very pleased to be offering it in its new specification. 

The GSD Electric Cargo bike comes as standard with built in mudguards, lights, and a large, high capacity load carrier - this new GSD had a max laden weight of 200KG! 

Aside from it's bold colour scheme, the 2022 Tern GSD also now comes with the Cargo Line variant of Bosch's most powerful motor, with 85Nm or torque and up to 400% assistance. 

The new 2022 version also now includes rear foot rests as standard, along with a full  length chain and rear wheel cover to minimise any dirt/water throw from your rear wheel onto your cargo or small passengers!

2022 Tern GSD S10 Cargo Electric Bicycle

Tern are well renowned for their reputable folding bikes. Having joined forces with Bosch in 2019, they bring a unique approach to the modern rider with their easily stowable electric cargo and commuter bikes. 

The launch of such well made electric cargo bikes is great news for delivery riders, making last mile deliveries faster, easier, cheaper and cleaner!  

Accessory options on the Tern GSD S10 Cargo Electric Bike

What's your function?

The new 2022 Tern GSD electric cargo bike comes with a fantastic specification as standard, but it can be configured in so many ways to suit every individual rider or business' needs. The Tern GSD is enormously useful, but surprisingly small. 

Picking the kids up from school? You can configure your Tern GSD with the Clubhouse Plus carrier, turning your Cargo ebike into a sustainable school taxi!

Looking to transport cargo? How about fitting your Tern GSD out with the short bed luggage tray to the rear or the transporter rack at the front, or both? Both are designed to fit standard sized Euro crates perfectly. 

Everyday commuting? The Tern GSD can be equipped with their Cargo Hold Panniers and Rear short bed tray for the ultimate in carry ability with a weight limit of almost a quarter of a ton!

Tern GSD Front Transporter Rack

Front Transporter Rack

Made to the size of a Euro Container, easily add cargo to the front of your GSD.

Tern GSD Lower Deck Foot Plates

Lower Deck Foot Plates

Lower deck foot plates offer support and confidence to passengers.

Tern GSD Cushioned Seat Pad

Cushioned Seat Pad

Cushion the rear rack to support passengers, use one per person.

Tern GSD Rear Short Bed Tray

Rear Short Bed Tray

Also fitting Euro Containers, add extra storage to the rear of your GSD.

More applications are available. Need something different to suit you? Just ask and we'll be able to assist.

Tern GSD Front Transporter Rack

Cargo Hold 52L Panniers

With a combined 102 Litres of storage capacity, the Cargo Hold Panniers can be used in "Roll Top" mode for a weather proof cargo option, or "Bucket Mod" for a full family sized weekly shop!

Tern GSD Clubhouse Plus Carrier

Clubhouse Plus Carrier

The included seat pad and backrest of the Clubhouse Plus carrier solution turn the rear cargo bed into a safe and comfortable, full protected space for your smallest passengers.

Tern GSD Cushioned Seat Pad

Storm Box

A useful addition to the Clubhouse, the Storm Box provides a good level of weather protection to the rear cargo, human or not! The Water resistant fabric will keep the worst at bay, whatever the weather!

Tern GSD Rear Short Bed Tray

Storm Shield

Part of the "Clubhouse Fort" range, the Storm Shield builds on the protection of the Storm Box for the Clubhouse seat, offering protection from wind, rain, snow and even UV. A cozy place for the little ones to ride or sleep.

Tern GSD S10 - Now fitted with Magura E-stop

The ebike revolution comes with very few drawbacks, but the single most often queried one is their weight. Its not often however, that prospective owners consider how this will effect the performance of the braking system. With a heavier bike, comes the need for a greater level of braking force and nowhere is this more important than on a bike designed to take a gross laden weight of 200Kg!

The Tern GSD uses a 4 part system, all with carefully considered and designed-in enhancements specifically for eBikes. The MDR-P rotors, sport brake pads and calipers are all honed in performance to offer the maximum amount of braking force right from their initial bite. 

The final piece is the new Magura E-Stop brake levers. Both front and rear levers have rear brake light switches built in, so the second you grab a lever you're immediately signalling your intention to those behind. 

All of the above are designed into the very core of the electrical and mechanical braking system of the bike and come as standard equipment on the S10 cargo ebikes. 

The flexibility of the GSD Electric Cargo bike doesn't stop with the accessories. With the Tern GSD, you can even configure your battery and range to suit the planned journey.

The Tern GSD Cargo bike comes with a 400Wh Bosch PowerPack battery as standard, but is pre-fitted with the Bosch Dual Battery kit to instantly add a second. Any current generation Bosch PowerPack (not PowerTube) battery is directly compatible so if you already have a Bosch driven eBike with a 400 or 500Wh PowerPack battery, it can be dropped right in, or you can order a second along with the bike. 

Cargo bikes are by nature, designed to carry increased loads which decreases range and so this level of flexibility "straight from the box" is both very unique, but great value and very useful!

2022 Tern GSD S10 Using two Bosch Batterys

Bosch eBike Motor on Tern GSD S10 2022 Cargo Electric

The front chain ring and chain line is covered by Tern's unique chain guard, keeping you and any passengers clean in all conditions.

With the Bosch Cargo Line motor and batteries fitted within in the centreline of the bike, its a very well balanced machine - great if you have wriggly children on the back!

Also both sitting between the wheels keeps the balance and centre of gravity as low as possible for a nimble and responsive ride.

The German made centre kickstand supports the bike when not in use and allows easy loading of both luggage and small passengers. Its also able to be released by a newly designed lever system on the handlebars for a quick getaway!

2022 Tern GSD S10 Cargo Bike Length

Although compact, the wheel base is that of a regular bicycle, the handlebar, fork and overall geometry give for a nice smooth and comfortable ride whilst maintaining the practicalities of being able to pack this cargo bike away.

Couple the above with well spec'd components, it brings an overall great cargo bike for a mixture of uses & riding styles.

In fact, when not in use the Tern GSD can stand up on it's end and the handlebars fold down, this way it fits in elevators and takes up very little space footprint when stored. 

The Tern GSD offers a unique approach to frame design. Fitted with a telescopic seat post and adjustable angle stem, it can accommodate riders from 4ft 10 through to 6ft 5.

One bike that can fit the whole family! Super adjustable.

The Tern GSD is grips with decent Schwalbe Big Apple tyres which are designed for maximum grip whilst keeping rolling resistance to a low. More importantly they include kevlar lining protection to prevent annoying punctures.

The Big Apple's are also designed to absorb the riding surface, giving a more comfortable overall feel for the rider. 

2022 Tern GSD S10 Bike Fits All Riders

All in all, the new Tern GSD electric cargo bike ticks the boxes for those looking for a nice ride and neat solution to travel and storage. A nice simple, but good quality electric bike, suitable for a mixture of riding styles and rider heights.

Bosch Performance Line on Tern GSD S10 2022  eBike

Bosch Cargo Line System

The new Tern GSD folding eBike features the latest Bosch Cargo Line crank drive motor, so you can be sure it's fitted with the latest kit and setup for optimum performance. Based on the Generation 4 Performance CX, this is the most powerful motor Bosch make!

This system outputs 85Nm of torque & peaks at 500w! It certainly packs a punch, it also offers up to 400% assistance on Turbo mode, while Eco mode offers a more subtle 50% assistance. There are 4 levels of assistance and remember you can always turn it off completely and ride it as a normal bike!

This machine rolls just the same as a normal cycle. In fact the quality in the design, geometry & build make it a true performer! The Tern GSD S10 allows for multiple batteries to be fitted as required - Offering complete control over and range anxieties.  

Tern have equipped the new Bosch Purion display, a revised smaller dash that offers quick vision of essential parameters whilst occupying a minimal amount of cockpit space. 

Read more in depth articles on Bosch on our Blog information pages.

Whats included?


This bike comes fully set-up by our workshop technicians. You can be sure that every aspect of the eBike has been dialled in for optimum performance. All our electric bikes arrive with a user manual, keys, charger & free follow up service within 3 months.

Support on the Tern GSD S10 Cargo Bike

Our electric bikes also include a 5yr warranty on the frame, 2yr warranty on all the electrics & 1yr warranty on the components. In the event of a problem, we handle all warranty claims in-house. We can also offer worldwide support for customers further afield using a laptop or PC connected to the internet, combined with our diagnostic equipment.

E-bikeshop is a UK Bosch Electric Bike Service Center and our in house workshop is now exclusively reserved for our own eBike customers. We also have parts / spares to hand should they be required.

*Range is dependant on many factors inc rider weight, wind, hills, terrain etc. For a better estimate, please use our range calculator. 

*Pre-order service: Take advantage of our pre-order service which places you in the queue to obtain a bike as soon as it is available. Orders are fulfilled on a first come served, queued basis. Dates are predicted production times and with all manufacturing dates can move back and forth. Specifications can change and images are artists impressions.

Free Electric Bike Insurance Cover

FREE 14 Days Electric Bike Cover

We've exclusively teamed up with Bikmo to offer 14 days free electric bike insurance when you purchase your new electric bike with

You'll be covered for eBike theft, accessories, crash damage, clothing/headgear, accidental damage, public liability and Bikmo will even cover the cost of getting you home as a result of damage or theft.

The perfect package to get you started with your new eBike without the need for any worry or hassle. Of course, you'll have the no obligation option to continue your insurance over after the initial period.

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General Bike Specifications


Tern 6061-AL Hydro formed Alloy Multi Truss Design approved for 200KG capcity.


Suntour Custom

Rear Shock



Magura MT5 eSTOP Hydraulic Disc Brakes


Shimano Deore 10 Speed

Rear Mech

Shimano Deore 10 Speed ShadowPlus


Shimano Deore 11-36t 10 Speed


Shimano 10 Speed


Tern GSD HD Cargo Wheels


Schwalbe Big Ben Plus (FR), Schwalbe Super Moto-X (RR)


Tern GSD Sweep Double-butted 6061 Alloy


Tern Andros Forged Adjustable Alloy Stem


Tern Flux Pro Taper, angular contact bearings, Physis integrated


Tern Alloy Telescopic 34.9mm


Tern GSD by Velo with Rear Handle


27 kg

Electric Bike Specifications


Bosch Lithium Ionen 36 Volt Dual Battery System. 400 / 500 / 900 Wh. (2nd battery sold separately).


Bosch Purion Display / Integrated Buttons


Bosch Cargo Line 36 Volt, 250 Watt. Up to 400% Assist, 85Nm


Up to 120 miles depending on dual battery setup and terrain.

Further Information


The most frequently asked questions on this eBike -

These questions relate to this bike. You can find a full F.A.Q on general eBike & website questions by clicking here.

What sizes is this bike available in?
The Tern GSD S10 Cargo eBike is available in a one size fits all frame. The Tern GSD offers a unique approach to frame design. Fitted with a telescopic seat post and adjustable angle stem, it can accommodate riders from 4ft 10 through to 6ft 5.

What are the folded dimensions of this bike?
The dimensions with the handlebars folded are approx 173 x 40 x 83 cm (71" x 16" x 33").

Is this bike in stock now?
The stock status is shown at the top of this page next to the price. If the stock level is shown as 'Pre-Order' this means it is a new model arriving soon, you can see an expected date at the top of each bike description.

Are there any colour options?
The Tern GSD S10 is available in Blue or Orange. You'll notice the colour in the picture change when selecting each option. 

Where can I find a geometry chart of this bike?
You can find the geometry chart of each bike by clicking on the 'Downloads' tab of each bike.

Where is this bike made?

Can I try the bike before I buy?
Yes of course, you can visit, we can talk you through your riding style and requirements and offer expert advice as to which model to select. We will be able to advise particular eBikes and talk them through in more detail. We also give you the opportunity to ride crank drive bikes so you can get a feel for them prior to purchase. 

At e-bikeshop we work by appointment only, so we can talk to each customer on an individual basis to give the best advice possible. If you like the bike, you have the option to take it away there and then with any accessories selected fitted and a full fitting session on the bike itself. We ask you to go for a short ride on the bike to make sure you are happy with the setup and also able to answer any operational questions you may have. 

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Remember you can find a full F.A.Q on general electric bike & website questions by clicking here.

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Bosch eBike Purion Display Manual - Bosch Purion Display User Manual

Tern Bike User Manual - Tern Bike UK User manual

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