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Haibike xDuro FLYON Electric Bikes

Haibike have been secretly plugging away in their design and research lab to bring, for the first time ever, an exclusive new product line up for Haibike in 2019. Offering more torque, assistance & range than ever before… It’s called the FLYON!

The motor is designed by a company called TQ. This company designs & manufactures direct-current motors for the control of modern satellites. TQ has used this technology to create the HPR 120S crank drive eBike motor. the motor provides up to 120Nm of torque and assistance levels up to 500%.

Thanks to the integrated freewheel, the bicycle can be pedalled just like a regular bike without a motor. When the drive is disengaged, no internal components are moving. It’s super efficient with ultra high torque and ability, specifically designed to meet the demands of eBike riders.

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