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Lapierre ACS Anti Chain Suck Device Bosch

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This is the OEM Lapierre ACS (Anti Chain Suck) Device. It comes as standard on some of the newer Bosch powered Lapierre Overvolts. One of the biggest criticisms levied at the Bosch system is that the small driver cog gets clogged with mud and the motor has a fit, and then cuts out. The motor won’t fire up again until you clean the mud out. To stop this happening Lapierre has come up with the Anti Chain Suck (ACS) device.

It’s a small piece of machined stainless steel that bolts on to the motor and surrounds the driver cog. It effectively scrapes mud off the chain and ring to prevent it clogging in the first place. It’s a neat solution and one that UK riders will no doubt appreciate during the damp winter months.

As well as being fitted to the new bikes, these are now available separately for owners of different brand e-bikes with Bosch motors.

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