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Moustache Official eBike Pannier Bag Set

£239.99 In Stock
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The current ETA or more stock on these is late December 2020.

These are the official Moustache electric bike pannier bags, suitable for all Moustache eBikes. The minimalist pair of single bags are yet another confirmation of the famous paradox that less is more. Despite being stripped down to the bare essentials, the Single Bag QL3.1 is a cut above the rest with its large mouth, waterproof zipper and its ingeniously simple QL3.1 rack mounting system that does away with projecting and cumbersome hooks.

Initially these seem expensive, but when you understand the quality of the bags, really matched Moustache's design ethos. These bags are made for Moustache by the famous Ortleib. When you consider similar Ortleib bags are £189.99 each (single bag), it makes the Moustache bags hugely attractive. 

Dimensions: H40cm x W35cm x D14cm approx each. 19.5L each.

Price is for a PAIR (not each bag). Fits all Moustache electric bikes with pannier racks with the QL3 system.

Please make sure your Moustache has the specific lugs, example picture:

Moustache Electric Bike Pannier Bags 

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