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Electric Bike Pre Ride Checks

It's important to check the following ahead of each ride. There's nothing worse than turning up to your local ride spot to find you have a slow puncture from the previous ride that went unnoticed! The following checks will help avoid any mishap. 

It's also important to make sure you have a few spares to hand for each ride and make sure you take a key for your eBike battery. We'd suggest to always have a pump, multi tool and a spare tube to hand. 

Electric Bike Pre Ride Checks

Chain Lubrication

It's important to clean the drive train after each ride and make sure it's well lubricated ahead of the next ride. 

Battery Charging

We recommend to top up your battery after each ride. This helps to keep the battery to optimum efficiency.

Check Tyre Pressure

It's important to check your tyre pressures. These can vary for different terrain and tyre sizes. 

Chain Lubrication

If you look after your bike drve chain, it'll look after you in return! We'd recommend to apply a dry lube on the chain or wet lube if riding in very damp conditions, before each ride.

You'll notice in the video, the pedals are rotated backwards to move the chain, this is not possible on crank drive eBikes. 

Top tip: For crank drive electric bikes with walk assist, hover the back wheel in the air and active the walk mode to easily clean the chain as the motor rotates the chain for you. It's best to lube at the rear to avoid ingress and build up at the motor end. Remember to keep fingers out of the way of moving parts!