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Rixen & Kaul Caddy Post Mount KlickFix Clamp

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The Rixen Kaul Caddy stem/seat CLICKFix post adapter 

This is an alternative to the KLICKfix KF850 handlebar adapter. For mounting onto vertical tubes such as stems or seat posts. Suitable for foldable bikes, scooters, wheelchairs, and golf caddies. 

Can also be used to attach KLICKFix Bags to our Gocycle. This will clamp around the narrowest part of the stem.

  • Ideal for attachment of bigger bags, baskets or backpacks onto long vertical seat posts on foldable bikes or long vertical stems on Dutch bikes. 
  • Leaves the handlebar free to carry lights, speedometer, and other accessories. 
  • Robust body made of fibre glass reinforced polyamide. 
  • Fits all tube diameters Ø 25-36mm. 
  • Maximum load: 7kg. 
  • Weight: 100g.

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