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Trackap Electric Bike GPS Tracking System

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GPS Tracking for Bosch and Yamaha Electric Bikes

Each year, more than 285,000 bicycles are stolen in the UK and although more than half are eventually recovered, only 5% of them are returned to their owners. 

Using GPS and 2G cellular networks, the Trackap electric bike GPS tracking system is designed to compliment traditional bicycle locks and is a helpful tool in recovering stolen bikes and ensuring that when found, its easily identifiable and returned to its rightful owner. 

Please note: Whilst not too complicated, fitting of this product requires the removal of parts of the wiring loom and/or the motor of your bike which are covered by a manufacturers warranty. It may also require the Bosch diagnostic equipment to activate an accessory port therefore this product is not available to be purchased on its own. It is only available for purchase with a new bike, and will be fitted by a Bosch or Yamaha certified technician. 

If you have previously purchased a bike from us, we can also fit your GPS tracker during servicing/routine maintenance while the bike is in our own workshops (The displayed price includes fitting). Please book an appointment here

This product is currently NOT available for 2022 Model Year bikes using the new 750Wh battery Bosch "Smart System". 

How the Trackap Run.E GPS Tracking System works.

The Trackap tracking unit is neatly and securely integrated into the wiring of your eBike by a Bosch or Yamaha certified technician. Once activated, its paired with the accompanying app, and you're ready to go! 

When needed, you can open the app and locate your bike either for peace of mind, or in the event of a theft any time of the day or night and can also alert you of suspicious movements. 

If your bike is stolen, a unique access code can be generated and given to the Police , allowing them access track your bike through the a dedicated law enforcement portal on the Trackap website. 

Trackap Ebike Tracking System

As well as being able to track your eBike, the Trackap mobile application can also keep track of your activity and generate distance related reminders for routine servicing and maintenance. 

Included in Purchase:

  • Trackap GPS Electric Bike Tracking Unit.
  • Access to dedicated mobile application on Android and iOS operating systems.
  • 1 Year Trackap Subscription (€36 per year after first year).
  • Fitting by a Bosch/Yamaha approved technician. 
  • "One Plotter = One Tree". For each kit purchased, Trackap plant a tree to offset the carbon footprint of its production. 

Technical Details:

  • Dimensions: 82 x 23 x 13mm
  • Weight: 26g
  • Power Supply: 9-100v
  • Autonomy: 3 Hours (without eBike battery fitted)
  • Communication: GSM (2G) and GPS - Europe Only
  • Accuracy: <10 Metres
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20'C - +70'C
  • Certification DE+FCC
  • 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty

The Trackap application is available exclusively to eBike owners in Europe for Android and iOS

Further information on the use of GPS Tracking Systems in electric bikes can be found in our accompanying Blog Post

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