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Haibike FLYON Complete Guide 2020 Electric Bikes

The Complete Guide: Haibike FLYON 2020 Electric Bikes

By Martin Brown on October 31, 2019

This is everything you need to know about the new Haibike FLYON 2020 electric bikes. We offer the complete Haibike FLYON eBike guide, keep reading to learn more.

The Haibike FLYON range of eBikes is one of the most anticipated electric bike ranges for 2020. Haibike was awarded ‘Best Brand’ by the readers of eMountainbike Magazine and it’s the first time ever that they’ve created a completely in-house eBike system, codenamed: FLYON.

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What is Haibike FLYON?

Haibike have been secretly plugging away in their design and research lab in Schweinfurt, Germany to bring, for the first time ever, an exclusive new electric bike product for 2020.

Offering more torque (50% more), assistance (200% more) & range (26% more) than ever before… It’s called FLYON!

Head of Haibike engineering, Ingo Beutner, says:-

The eBike as we know it was completely rethought in order to launch the next generation of ePerformance. With FLYON we have been able to create a system according to our understanding and concepts. This system enables eBike riding as it should feel in our opinion: self-evidently and powerful. All components seamlessly integrate into the overall design, which convinces with a high level of integration.

Highlights of the 2020 Haibike FLYON eBike system

FLYON Motor System

The motor is designed by a company called TQ. This company designs & manufactures direct-current motors for the control of modern satellites.

New TQ Motor 120S on Haibike FLYON Electric Bikes

TQ has used this technology to create the HPR 120S crank drive eBike motor. The motor provides up to 120Nm of torque and assistance levels up to 820%.

Thanks to the integrated freewheel, the bicycle can be pedalled just like a regular bike without a motor. When the drive is disengaged, no internal components are moving.

It’s super-efficient with ultra-high torque and ability, specifically designed to meet the demands of eBike riders.

FLYON Battery System

Haibike have designed all the components from the ground up using all their eBike experience to date. The battery uses a whopping 630Wh high-density cell to deliver a huge range.

Haibike FLYON 630Wh Internal eBike Battery Pack

The optional 10Ah quick charger charges this high capacity 630Wh battery to 80% within just 60 minutes! It can be charged both on or off the bike as the battery slides out the frame.

FLYON Display Controls

The system offers 5 levels of assist:- ECO, LOW, MID, HIGH & XTREME. The new colour TFT display offers all the rider credentials in a neat, compact and removable display.

Haibike FLYON LCD Display

Whilst the Haibike remote (located to the left of the bars) is quick and simple to navigate the modes. Five lovely bright colours illuminate to show the assistance mode selected alongside the same colours on the display. Easy to see at a quick glance while riding!

Handlebars Controls on Haibike FLYON eBikes

FLYON Carbon Frameset

All of this built into a brand new 2020 CARBON frameset by Haibike. This not only brings the weight down but allows complete integration of the system. It also allows Haibike to do special things like integrating lights into the rear swingarm. Not forgetting a front light to match too.

Haibike FLYON Electric Bike Front & Rear LED Lights

All of the cables run through the 2020 carbon frame using specialist channels, so everything looks really neat.

Haibike Modular Rail System for 2020 FLYON eBikes

They’ve managed to squeeze in their Haibike ‘MRS’ (Modular Rail System) so all the Haibike accessories (Bottle, Lock, Tool Bag etc) fit onto the frame too.

In true Haibike fashion, the motor is integrated with a skid plate incorporated too, this adds protection & offers complete integration.

Haibike FLYON Speed Sensor Disc 2020

Lastly Haibike finish off this new frameset with a stealth dropper seat post, built-in, so again no cables are exposed. They have built in the speed sensor within the rear swingarm and instead of a magnet on the spokes, the sensor is built into the rear disc.

Highlights of the 2020 Haibike eConnect system

Following the successful first edition of the eConnect system, a new upgraded version – eConnect 2.0 has been released. This comes built-in FREE-OF-CHARGE on all 2020 Haibike FLYON electric bikes. Offering a new modern design, a user-friendly interface and extended features for 2020.

Haibike eConnect on FLYON Electric Bikes

In a nutshell, Haibike eConnect tracks the bike’s movements works as a GPS / Anit-Theft device and tracks routes you take on your electric bike.

It has ‘smart features’ like text a family member with your location if the rider has a fall or alert you to your bike’s movements if you have it parked up somewhere.

For 2019 eConnect gets an improved route recording and a brand new user interface. It’s available in more countries, more languages and eBike dealers can access bike information too.

You can add more than one bike, meaning all of the families bikes can be controlled by the touch of a button. There’s a new app too. All current users can upgrade to the eConnect V2.0 for free!

Full range review of the 2020 Haibike FLYON models

ALLMTN – All Mountain Range

The new Haibike xDuro AllMtn range is offered with 150mm of travel. It consists of 3 model specs for 2020 and is ideal for trail riding, all-mountain, single track & trail centres. With big enough travel to tackle the bike parks but not too big to tackle single track too.

Haibike xDuro AllMtn 10.0 FLYON 2020

The AllMtn 10.0 FLYON electric mountain bike is the top-spec model in the FLYON range with uprated DT Swiss wheels/suspension and a Sram Eagle 12 Speed drive train.

Haibike FLYON ALL MTN 10.0 2020 Electric Bike

Priced at £8,099 / More Info & Full Spec

Haibike xDuro AllMtn 8.0 FLYON 2020

The AllMtn 8.0 FLYON is the mid-spec AllMtn bike built on Fox suspension front and rear. Full Shimano XT 11 speed drivetrain and brakes, finished on Haibike wheels.

Haibike FLYON ALL MTN 8.0 2020 Electric Bike

Priced at £6,299 / More Info & Full Spec

Haibike xDuro AllMtn 5.0 FLYON 2020

The AllMtn 5.0 is the entry spec 150mm AllMtn model. Built on RockShox suspension, Magura MT5 twin pot brakes and a Sram NX 11 speed drivetrain.

Haibike FLYON ALL MTN 5.0 2020 Electric Bike

Priced at £5,399 / More Info & Full Spec

NDURO – Enduro/Freeride Range

The new Haibike xDuro NDURO range is perfect for single track, Down Hill, Enduro & bigger hitting Trail Centres. The NDURO bike will soak up even the most demanding of conditions. The new geometry base, carbon frame, flip chip at the rear mean it’s both nimble & play full to ride.

Haibike xDuro NDURO 10.0 FLYON 2020

The top-spec NDURO 10.0 features Factory series FOX Kashima coated suspension front and rear. A Full Sram EX1 eBike specific drivetrain and Magura MT7 twin pot brakes. Finished on DT Swiss Freeride wheels.

Haibike FLYON NDURO 10.0 2020 Electric Bike

Priced at £8,099 / More Info & Full Spec

Haibike xDuro NDURO 8.0 FLYON 2020

The NDURO 8.0 is the mid-spec model offered with Fox Performance suspension front and rear. A full Shimano XT 11 speed drivetrain and XT twin pot brakes.

Haibike FLYON NDURO 8.0 2020 Electric Bike

Priced at £6,299 / More Info & Full Spec

Haibike xDuro NDURO 5.0 FLYON 2020

The base model NDURO 5.0 comes with RockShox 180mm travel suspension front and rear. A full Sram NX 11 speed drivetrain and Magura MT5 twin pot brakes.

Haibike FLYON NDURO 5.0 2020 Electric Bike

Priced at £5,699 / More Info & Full Spec

ADVENTR – Adventure/Touring Range

The new Haibike xDuro Adventr range is perfect for your everyday rider who wants to explore the great outdoors both on-road and on paths, tracks and trails. With built-in lights, integrated pannier rack and mudguards it’s got all the essentials to explore a new world of possibilities.

Haibike xDuro Adventr 6.0 FLYON 2020

The Adventr 6.0 comes with rugged Marathon Plus tyres, RockShox suspension and a full Shimano XT 11 speed drivetrain and brakes. This model comes as standard with the SkyBeamer 5000 headlight.

Haibike FLYON Adventr 6.0 2020 Electric Bike

Priced at £5,399 / More Info & Full Spec

Haibike xDuro Adventr 5.0 FLYON 2020

The base model Adventr 5.0 comes fully equipped with lights mudguards and a rack. Featuring Suntour suspension a Sram NX 11 speed drivetrain and Magura MT54 brakes.

Haibike FLYON Adventr 5.0 2020 Electric Bike

Priced at £4,499 / More Info & Full Spec

ALLTRAIL – All Trail / Hardtail Range

The new AllTrail hardtail range for 2020 is offered in two spec choices. It’s built for those who want to explore both on-road and more vigorous off-road riding too. With 140mm travel it’s capable enough for the trails as well as everyday riding.

Haibike xDuro AllTrail 6.0 FLYON 2020

The top-spec hardtail model in the 2020 range. The AllTrail 6.0 features a RockShox Revelation fork, Magura MT5 brakes and a brand new Sram GX 12-Speed drivetrain. Finished on lightweight DT Swiss wheels.

Haibike FLYON ALL TRAIL 6.0 2020 Electric Bike

Priced at £5,399 / More Info & Full Spec

Haibike xDuro AllTrail 5.0 FLYON 2020

The AllTrail 5.0 is the entry-level model in the Haibike FLYON range. Spec’d with Suntour Raidon forks, Magura MT54 hydraulic disc brakes and a Sram NX 11 speed drivetrain.

Haibike FLYON ALL TRAIL 5.0 2020 Electric Bike

Priced at £4,499 / More Info & Full Spec

When are the Haibike FLYON 2020 bikes arriving?

Whilst the Haibike FLYON bikes have suffered delays; Haibike wanted to get it right, the first time. But the good news is that the bikes are now in production and we’re getting steady drops through right now and in the coming weeks too.

Haibike FLYON Electric Bikes Arrive at

Existing orders are being fulfilled right now. Have a bike on order with us? Make sure to check back to the dedicated FLYON Pre-Order Page as it’s updated frequently (existing clients only). Remember, we’ll be in touch on arrival as promised.

For new orders, the dates of each model can be found in the ‘Stock Availability’ top section of each bike page. Some models are even in stock right now to purchase (in certain sizes). You can view all the FLYON models along with their availability here – 2020 FLYON eBikes.

Where can I find Haibike FLYON parts & accessories?

We are pro-actively stocking and listing Haibike FLYON eBike spares in good time for when they are required. We have everything from FLYON specific lighting kits through to spare batteries.

We’re adding more parts shortly and as the UK’s largest Haibike dealer we are offering the full support for Haibike FLYON bikes. We also have fully trained Haibike FLYON Techs on site.

Haibike FLYON Electric Bike Spare Parts

It’s important with any product to not just sell the bikes but fully support the bikes too. This is why we’ll be offering support exclusively to our clients only and have everything on hand should there be any issues. We only offer parts for bikes purchased from us so we always have spares here to hand to support our clients should they be required – We never want to be left short.

You can find spare parts here – Haibike FLYON Spare Parts. Note the ‘Add to Cart’ button for many items only shows when our clients are logged in and approved.

Where can I find Haibike FLYON geometry charts?

We list the frame geometry charts of all of our bikes on each bike page under ‘Downloads’. You can find it towards the bottom of each page beneath the ‘Specification’ section.

We’ll list all the 2020 FLYON frame geometry charts here also. These are split into 4 categories: NDURO, ALLMTN, ALLTRAIL & ADVENTR. Click on any of the charts to expand.

Haibike FLYON NDURO Frame Geometry Chart
Haibike FLYON AllMtn Frame Geometry Chart
Haibike FLYON AllTrail Frame Geometry Chart
Haibike FLYON Adventr Frame Geometry Chart

Note that both NDURO and ALLMTN have 4 sizes from Small through to X-Large. Where-as the ALLTRAIL and ADVENTR are both offered in 5 sizes from X-Small through to X-Large.

Where can I find Haibike FLYON user manuals?

We list the user manuals for all of our electric bikes on the Downloads Page of our website. Here you can find everything from catalogues through to manuals and guides.

Haibike FLYON User Manual

Haibike FLYON Quick Start Manual

We list above the Haibike FYLON Quick Start Guide and also the Full Haibike FLYON User Manual. In addition, we also have the Haibike FLYON Brochure.

Where can I read reviews of the new Haibike FLYON’s?

As with any new product, reviews are hard to come by until the product is actually out on the market. Fortunately, there are stacks of reviews on the Haibike FLYON eBikes as they released pre-production models to the media ahead of the curve.

We include links to eMTB Forums, eMTB News & e-Mountain Bike Magazine to name a few. All of these are real riding reviews on actual bike terrain.

Let’s not forget that Haibike actually won the prestigious Design & Innovation Awards this year too. The judges said:-

Haibike’s new FLYON series is probably the biggest developmental leap since the invention of the eMTB, once again proving the brand’s pioneering spirit! At the heart of the futuristic-looking carbon frame is the FLYON HPR120S motor from TQ Systems, which is the most powerful pedelec motor currently available, offering a full 120 Nm of torque. While the motor perfectly integrated into the overall concept, the bike is full of individual solutions regarding design and technology. All features are controlled by a specially developed remote and a large colour display provides the rider with all the relevant information. Haibike has succeeded in developing an eMTB that is much more than the sum of its parts.

In addition to the NDURO 10.0 review listed above, Rob (From eMTB Forums) actually did a follow-up review on the AllMtn 8.0 too around some amazing trails in Itlay. Watch it below:

Where can I try out the new Haibike FLYON TQ motor?

We exclusively have a demo bike for those wishing to try out the mighty TQ motor which powers the new Haibike FLYON electric bikes. We also have some models in store to view too.

Following a short ride, so you can feel the sheer power of FLYON, we can demonstrate the user interface and talk you through the model selection to work out what’s best for your riding style.

Haibike FLYON Test Center

We offer a short ride, so you can feel the sheer power of FLYON. You can ride it back to back with another bike so you can feel the difference!

We can demonstrate the user interface and talk you through the model selection to work out what’s best for your riding style.

We operate by appointment so we can give you the very best FLYON experience you deserve. Book online now, all the available sales slots are shown live here – Book Appointment.

Haibike FLYON Electric Bikes

We hope you’ve enjoyed this in-depth article on the much anticipated Haibike FLYON electric bikes. Hopefully, you’ve learnt something along the way. If there’s anything you think we’ve missed, drop it in the comments section below!

You can view the full range of 2020 FLYON eBikes here – Haibike FLYON Electric Bikes.

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