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Custom Configure Your Orbea Electric Road Bike With E-Bikeshop

Custom Configure Your Orbea Electric Road Bike With E-Bikeshop

By Martin Brown on November 29, 2018

Did you know? Alongside the 4 Orbea Gain colours of electric road bikes, we can actually custom spec & configure your new Orbea electric road bike via the MyO configurator. 

Life would be boring if we were all the same, right? Why is this the same with our precious electric bikes? Most models are only available in one stock colour.

We already offer each of our Orbea road eBikes in four options in the carbon frame models:Our Orbea Gain carbon frame electric road bikes in four colours

But we can take it one step further… As the UK authorised Orbea electric road bike dealer, we can actually tailor the bike to your exact requirements from spec right through to colour.

This is done by using our simple 5 step Orbea eBike setup process. You are just 5 steps away from your dream ride today. Keep reading to find out more about our steps:

Step 1: Orbea Gain Model

The very first thing we need to establish is the very best eRoad bike for you. We can talk you through each of the models & understand a little more about your riding style/requirements.New Orbea Gain Electric Carbon Road Bike Riding

We can custom configure/colour any of our 5 carbon road models which range from just £3,399.

Step 2: Orbea Gain Custom Colour

The next step is the most creative part! We bring out the factory Orbea colour swabs of every colour option possible. There is a range of over 20 primary colours to choose from.Orbea MyO custom colour swatches and samples for factory paint in electric road bikes

You can even choose between a Gloss or Matte finish. Keep one colour across the bike or choose a secondary colour to fade across into.Choosing a colour for a new Orbea Gain electric road bike This can be matched across to the forks or invert the colours in real time in front of you. Look at different angles so you can see the fade. We can even adjust text, logo and various other colours. The options seem endless!Choosing a colour on new Orbea Gain electric road bike with custom Orbea MyO colour options

We can even add your name and riding club onto the top tube of your Orbea electric bike if required. It doesn’t get any more personal than that. Nice one Orbea!Orbea Gain Electric MyO Custom Name & Riding Club

At this angle, you can see the smooth finish of the Orbea carbon frames. Even on the matte finish, the paint lines are seamless and graphics/logos painted in.

Step 3: Orbea Gain Frame Sizing

Now we can size you onto one of the 5 sizes of carbon frame electric road bikes we offer, from X-Small right through to X-Large. We match your measurement onto the factory size chart.Review on Orbea Gain Carbon Electric Road Bike 2019

We also have the opportunity to spec individual component sizes on your new Orbea road eBike.Custom spec Orbea Gain eBike models with Bar, Crank and Stem length

If you require certain size components, we can spec this into your eBike build inc bar width, stem length & crank length.

Bar widths are offered in 400, 420 and 440mm.

Stem lengths from 90mm right through to 120mm.

Cranks arms are available in the 3 Shimano lengths: 170, 172.5 & 175mm.

We make sure that every aspect of your new electric bike is totally configured to your specific requirements.

Step 4: Complete Your Spec

You can choose to customise the components on your Orbea to your taste from tyre choice and widths, through to saddle and width & even the size ratio of the rear cassette if required.

You also have the opportunity to upgrade to carbon components on certain Orbea eBike models. For example, on more basic models you can upgrade to carbon stem, bars and even clincher wheels. Higher spec model may already have these parts.Custom Spec Orbea MyO Gain electric road bike

We will show you every aspect of your chosen Orbea spec on the screen at different angles. You can make sure you are 100% happy with each step. We’ll then print you out a custom PDF with all of your chosen options.

Step 5: Confirm, Delivery & Ride

Once confirmed, we’ll log your custom spec with the Orbea factory in Spain. Your bike will be built, custom painted and hand assembled to your specification in their unique factory.

Orbea Gain Carbon Electric Bike Factory in SpainWe require payment upfront for all factory custom orders. There is ZERO £ cost to custom paint your new bike to your unique design.

Additional upgrade components are priced accordingly.

We’ll tell you when we expect to receive your new Orbea electric road bike.

On arrival, we’ll fully set up and prepare your new Orbea bike. You can opt for a personal handover at our HQ.Riding The New Orbea Carbon Gain Road eBike 2019 Alternatively, you may wish for delivery to your front door. (Delivery is £4.99 UK Mainland). Your new Orbea road bike will arrive fully set up in a specialist box. For delivery, you’ll need to align the handlebars and fit some pedals.

Want to find out more?

Why not view our full range of Orbea electric road bikes here. Remember the alloy models are pre-configured, although these can be altered with certain components. The Orbea custom MyO configurator is reserved for carbon frame bikes only.Orbea Gain Electric Road Bike Range at

Please get in touch if you would like to book an appointment at our HQ by booking an appointment. Nothing compares to visiting us, actually seeing the bikes & colour options in the flesh. We also have a demonstrator so you can feel how well these Orbea eRoad bike ride.

Sat on your PC right now? Why not try the Orbea MyO Online Tool right now & see what you come up with? You can click ‘Send to my dealer’ on the top bar. Enter our postcode (GU10 5EH) & select our shop (The UK Electric Bike Company) so we can see what your dream bike looks like!

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