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Yamaha eBike Training Session 2015

e-Bikeshop Undertake Official 2015 Yamaha eBike Training

By Martin Brown on November 19, 2014

Earlier this month we visited Haibike UK to undertake some special dealer training in anticipation of the new Yamaha powered sDuro electric bikes in the 2015 Haibike eBike range.

We strive to exceed in the knowledge and aftersales that we can offer on the eBikes that we sell. So its very important for us to be certified by the manufacturers Yamaha & Haibike themselves. Having visited essential training courses in the past we were extremely excited to get the low down on the new Yamaha eBike system.

Although we have already had the Yamaha eBike system in our workshops to test the product and ensure that we can strip down, support & offer the correct spares, just in case they are required further down the line. It was great to cover any issues that we had not previously come across and how to address them correctly.

The course started out understanding the product range of new Haibike sDuro eBikes for 2015. We then studied the individual components of the Yamaha electric bike system in detail. Including items like the battery, display, controls, motor & charger.

Yamaha eBike Components Strip Down

We learned how the Yamaha system has an in built diagnostics system. We can see the status of any components and then expand into more detail. For example for the Yamaha 400Wh battery pack, we can view everything from battery temperatures, charging cycles, low voltage or high voltage & charging conditions. This is invaluable for performing checks and details reports as to how the eBike is performing.

The components had to be split down between the Yamaha specific components and of course the outer parts that Haibike have developed for the sDuro range, implementing the Yamaha motor.

Haibike sDuro Components eBike

The system will also flag faults within the system, so we can quickly diagnose the status of the bike, clear codes and get the electric bike functional again. Haibike have added at this point that to date after almost 2 years of testing that they are yet to find and faults with the system in riding conditions. But the Yamaha system has this automatic status alert in the event of any issues.

The next part of the course involved a more hands on approach,  with regard to disassembly & assembly of the drive unit & other components including battery holder, display mounts, chainrings, cranks, bash plate etc.

Working on Haibike sDuro 2015 eBike

We studied the individual outputs of the electrical system, power, range, assistance, wattage, speed & torque. You can read more about these values in our Yamaha eBike system write up here.

The main point to learn about was the fault diagnosis. So we can diagnose errors within the Yamaha eBike system without the need for any diagnostic equipment, so with our knowledge and a phone in your hand, we can remotely support our customers wherever you may be in the world from the comfort of your own home without the need to travel.

Removing Yamaha eBike 250w Motor

We at e-bikeshop will be working with the Yamaha system further over the coming months to learn more advanced procedures including stripping, greasing and wiring within the Yamaha X94 250w drive unit itself. The unit is designed for life, but we feel it important to get involved anyway to ensure we have the knowledge to hand should it ever be required.

Lastly we would like to thank Haibike UK for hosting the event at their HQ in Nottingham. It was a great day and we very much appreciate the hospitality, thanks.

The Haibike sDuro 2015 use the latest generation of Yamaha motor, battery & display. View the full sDuro range here.

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