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Haibike 2015 Electric Bikes Unveilled

Haibike sDuro 2015 Electric Bikes Unveiled @ e-bikeshop – First Look!

By Martin Brown on August 11, 2014

We visited Haibike last month to preview and test the new line up of Yamaha powered Haibike sDuro 2015 electric bikes. We are excited to unveil today the eBike range which are now available to pre-order for UK residents from today.  

What is the Haibike sDuro range?

Haibike sDuro eBikes were announced as a new range for 2015. They will run alongside the 2015 xDuro eBikes to offer a range focussed on younger riders. We call these riders the next ‘eGeneration’, targeted at the 20-30 age range the new Haibike sDuro electric bikes will be offered with the Yamaha system.

The new sDuro range consists of lower price points, the sDuro Haibikes will range from £1850 up to £3700 where the Haibike xDuro range will take over with higher specification and the Bosch motor system.

Teaser Video –

We offer a sDuro eBike for every style of riding, from light trail use, to more aggressive all mountain and even your hybrid / trekking / commuting eBikes. The 7 sDuro 2015 bikes are as follows –

Haibike sDuro AllMtn RX 2015

Brief Overview: The Haibike sDuro AllMtn RX is built around a 150mm chassis to offer a decent all mountain rig capable of harsher terrain but adjustable enough to use as a trail bike. This model is the first electric bike in the world to feature the new EI (Electronic Suspension)! Clever stuff eh?The new Haibike 2015 sDuro AllMtn RX

Price: £3700   Wheel Size: 27.5″ (650B)   Sizes: 40, 44, 48 & 52cm Frames

Haibike sDuro AllMtn RX 2015 Full Specification 

Haibike sDuro AllMtn RC 2015

Brief Overview: The new Haibike sDuro AllMtn RC is built on the same chassis as the AllMtn RX above. This is the younger brother with slightly lower specification and loses the EI (Electronic Suspension) system. It also offers a 2 x 10 gear 20 speed set up.

Haibike sDuro AllMtn RC 2015 eBike

Price: £3200   Wheel Size: 27.5″ (650B)   Sizes: 40, 44, 48 & 52cm Frames

Haibike sDuro AllMtn RC 2015 Full Specification 

Haibike sDuro FullNine RC 2015

Brief Overview: The new sDuro FullNine is one of the first full suspension 29″ wheel eBikes to be available. Built on a shorter 100mm chassis it becomes the lighter electric bike for the every day trail / cross country rider. This is finished with a 1 x 10 gear 10 speed set up.

The new Haibike sDuro FullNine RC 2015 eBike

Price: £2700   Wheel Size: 29″   Sizes: 40, 45, 50 & 55cm Frames

Haibike sDuro FullNine RC 2015 Full Specification 

Haibike sDuro HardNine RC 2015

Brief Overview: The HardNine 2015 model is based on its full suspension bigger brother. Offering the equivalent in a hardtail variant. The HardNine features a 2 x 10 speed 20 gear set up over the 10 speed above.

New 2015 Haibike sDuro HardNine RC eBike

Price: £2300   Wheel Size: 29″   Sizes: 40, 45, 50 & 55cm Frames

Haibike sDuro HardNine RC 2015 Full Specification 

Haibike sDuro HardSeven SL 2015

Brief Overview: The new Haibike sDuro HardSeven is a 27.5″ (650B) hardtail electric bike. Its the entry level eBike within the 2015 sDuro range. A German chassis and Yamaha motor for a more affordable price! This model features a 1 x 10 speed gear set up.

2015 Haibike sDuro HardSeven SL Electric Bike

Price: £1850   Wheel Size: 27.5″ (650B)   Sizes: 35, 40, 45, 50 & 55cm Frames

Haibike sDuro HardSeven SL 2015 Full Specification 

Haibike sDuro Trekking RC Gents 2015

Brief Overview: Within the sDuro range we will be offering a Trekking eBike for 2015. The Trekking RC is fully equipped with all the essential for commuting, road, trekking & hybrid use. This is one of the first trekking electric bikes in the world to feature a 2 x 10 speed gear set up for an excellent range of gears.

Haibike 2015 sDuro Trekking RC Gents eBike

Price: £2400   Wheel Size: 28″ (700c)   Sizes: 48, 52 & 56cm Frames

Haibike sDuro Trekking RC Gents 2015 Full Specification 

Haibike sDuro Trekking RC Low 2015

Brief Overview: We are offering the same sDuro Trekking RC as above but in a low frame style. This frame is ideal for gents and ladies alike for easy mounting of the bike. It features the same components as above but with a lower drop to the cross bar.  Also available in a smaller frame size for shorter riders.

Haibike 2015 sDuro Trekking RC Ladies eBike

Price: £2400   Wheel Size: 28″ (700c)   Sizes: 44, 48, & 52cm Frames

Haibike sDuro Trekking RC Low 2015 Full Specification 

What do we think?

We believe the new sDuro range fills a gap, not just within the 2015 Haibike range but in the whole eBike market. Now you can have a German built electric bike with the Yamaha crank drive system for a lower price point than previously available.

The sDuro range is certainly focused on the younger generation of ‘eCyclists’, this range should fit in well. It also features many advancements in the electric bike world including the application of the EI (Electric Suspension) that should get some excitement. We also say hello to the 2 x 10 speed gearing that is available with the integration of the Yamaha motor system.

Yamaha eBike System 2015

These new model are available to pre-order today from the UK’s largest Haibike electric bike dealer. To secure yours, just order through the website. We will allocate a £199 deposit and secure your model, its that easy!

Click for the full range – Haibike sDuro 2015 Yamaha eBike Range

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