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Will Norman (the Mayor’s Walking & Cycling Commissioner)

We are working with TfL to promote the use of eBikes in London

By Martin Brown on March 16, 2018

We are delighted to be working with Transport for London to promote the use of eBikes in London. Our collective efforts will help make London a more active, healthy & cleaner city.


TfL Electric Bike Forum London

Back in January 2017, Transport for London invited us ( up to City Hall to take part in a forum to discuss the use of electric bikes in London.

The forum explored the role of eBikes in encouraging more people to cycle, how TfL and the e-bike industry can work together to support the use of electric bikes in London.TfL Meeting at City Hall London Promote Electric Bikes

It was a great day with industry leaders sharing thoughts and ideas around the room in a forum style meeting and presentation.


What Next?

Following the forum, TfL liaised with the Department for Transport and Greater London Authority to develop a commercial proposition for how the public and private sector might work together to promote e-bikes in London. Moving forward they shared these ideas with Will Norman, the new Walking and Cycling Commissioner; and the Mayor.


New Dedicated TfL eBike Website

Today TfL launched a new dedicated website to promote the understanding of electric bikes, the wider use and where to get test rides locally for people to try an eBike. We’re proud to be a part of this with a dedicated profile and exclusive offers to new London electric bike users.Val Shawcross (the Deputy Mayor for Transport) and Will Norman (the Mayor’s Walking & Cycling Commissioner)This morning TfL launched the new e-bike campaign with a photo call at Finsbury Park. In attendance were Val Shawcross (the Deputy Mayor for Transport) and Will Norman (the Mayor’s Walking & Cycling Commissioner). Both Val and Will rode e-bikes today. Will also did an interview for London Live TV.


eBike Stories

The new dedicated TfL website will also feature a number of short ‘eBike Stories’ featuring riders, finding out why they bought an e-bike. Not forgetting what benefits they think an e-bike can offer and why they love riding electric bikes.

We think having TfL behind the push to promote eBikes within London is a great thing and an exciting time for more to come. To find out more, visit


About Martin Brown

Martin has been in the electric bike industry for over 10 years & has helped it grow from the start. Promoting eBikes across the UK at events & offering the very best advice, tech articles, blogs & videos. In particular Martin is a major player for progressing the use of eMTB's, today owner of - The UK's largest eBike supplier specialising in Bosch & Yamaha, good quality European eBikes.