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Bosch Powerpack 400 2014 Battery
How to look after and extend the life of your Bosch eBike Battery Sun, Dec 22, 13
The 300Wh & 400Wh PowerPacks used on Bosch powered eBikes are amongst the most advanced batteries currently on the electric bike market. They offer a superior range, reliability & longevity... Read More
Bosch 2014 Dealer Training UK
e-bikeshop visit Bosch for training session on the new 2014 eBike system Fri, Dec 20, 13
E-bikeshop is one of the largest Independent eBike dealers in the UK. We are keen to be able to give our customers the best after sales and customer care, so... Read More
Fix for popping, cracking, clunking noise for affected Bosch powered eBikes Thu, Nov 14, 13
Certain model Bosch eBikes were affected by a popping noise on each pedal revolution. The model years affected were between early 2012 and mid 2013. It normally occurs after the... Read More
Bosch 2014 / 2015 Performance System Changes
So whats different on the new 2014 Bosch eBike system? Wed, Oct 02, 13
I thought I would write a little more in depth about the new Bosch system, this should save half my day on the phone. So to start off, everyone knows... Read More
Haibike 2014 S.E.S Chain Guide
How Haibike has overcome the new Bosch motor chain line / integration problems.. Wed, Oct 02, 13
Time for another of my structured explanations of how something technical works. Now before you 'Switch Off'.. This is not a copy and paste explanation, this is written in my... Read More
Dirt Build up on the Bosch motor under swung
Why Bosch Motors should not be 'under-swung' on eMTB's Fri, Jul 19, 13
Just come to fix the famous knocking noise / grinding on a Bosch motor this morning. I am used to working on nice clean motor internals with the inverted mounted... Read More