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Battery Cover InTube - All Brands

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The Fahrer eBike battery cover works with all eBike batteries mounted within the frame. Suitable for use on all our eBikes inc Bosch, Yamaha, FLYON and Shimano electric bikes. 

Universal protection made for E-Bikes with fully integrated batteries. In the wintertime the battery cover helps the battery to reach the operating temperature faster and to keep it longer. Protects the frame from rock hits too.

The cover is also ideal for covering the down tube when the battery is removed and protects the open area from splash water.


  • Protection against coldness avoids less capacity during the colder months
  • Protection from the elements
  • Shock-protection, scratch-protection
  • Elegant and smart design


  • Laminated fabric Neoprene ca. 3-3.5 mm
  • Using high quality Velcro
  • Colour: black
  • Length of the top: 54cm, length of the bottom: 44cm
  • Circumference: 29-40cm
  • Fits most E-Bikes with integrated down tube battery due to flexible neoprene
  • Designed in Berlin

Fahrer eBike battery cover InTube

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