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KS SouthPaw Remote Dropper Lever Upgrade Kit

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The all new KS SouthPaw Dropper post Remote lever kit. This is an upgrade from the standard 'hard-to-use' button that comes factory fitted on our all Haibikes using a KS LEV dropper post. 

Use this kit to replace the button for an 'XT' like feel on the left side of the bars. Much neater installation, get rid of the 90 degree inline adjuster, declutter cables and operate the upgraded lever, with ease, on the go.

MBR Magazine 10/10 review:

The Southpaw is a new under-bar dropper post remote from KS that’s specifically designed for bikes with 1x drivetrains. It sits in the same place as the trigger shifter on the left-hand side of the handlebar and, compared to the stock KS remote, reduces the conflict with the brake lever, increases knee clearance, harder to get damaged in a crash or scuff up if you turn the bike upside down. 

It might seem like it has limited use but there’s nothing stopping you fitting it to other cable-operated seatposts from Specialized or Thomson. The remote uses a split clamp with a unique four-axis adjustment, allowing you to dial in multi-lever positions without having to remove the grip or brake lever. 

The only issue I’ve had is that the clamp can slip on smooth carbon bars and, while tightening it really hard is a solution, I’ve found roughening the inner surface on the clamps with emery paper creates a bit of friction and works a lot better. KS makes some of the best dropper posts on the market, and now it makes one of the best remotes. 

If you’re combining a dropper and a 1x drivetrain, this is an essential upgrade.

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Works really well! Much better on the left side like a gear lever. A much more natural motion. Happy times

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