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GT85 Lubricant 400ml

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GT85 is a very light, penetrative lubricant with PTFE. Probably too light to be fully endorsed as a chain lube, unless frequently reapplied.

GT85 comes into its own when you are looking for a spray lube which will help keep the likes of derailleurs, brakes and cables lubricated and working at an optimal level without gunging them up, as a heavier wet lube might.

  • Sprayed onto the bike after you've washed / hosed it down, GT85 doubles as a protective polish that leaves a dirt-resistant Teflon finish on the frame.
  • Doubles as a general lube that helps free up seized and squeaky parts, and not just on the bike.
  • Use it on sticky locks and squeaky hinges.
  • Displaces water so it can be sprayed on a car's spark plugs etc when it refuses to start, GT is recommended by, for instance, Porsche, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

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