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Haibike Electric Bikes

E-bikeshop are proud to be the largest supplier of Haibike electric bikes in the UK. We exclusively offer the whole 2020 range here in one place. We also offer complete peace of mind when it comes to after sales and support. We have been selling Haibike electric bikes for a while now and continue to grow the brand here in the UK. 

The Haibike range is split into three categories:



The Haibike XDURO range of electric bikes is designed for extreme off roaders. Haibike has been at the pinacle of off road electric mountain bikes since the start. Offering bikes for Trail riding through to Down Hill. Featuring both Bosch and Yamaha eSystems. 

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The Haibike SDURO range of electric bikes is designed around sporty riders for recreational use. Be it for commuting, riding on a Sunday leisure ride or light off road. The range also extends to comfortable geometry full suspension mountain bikes.

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Why choose Haibike?

Haibike Electric Bikes
Awesome Product Range

Haibike electric bikes are a step forward in the eBike world. Their German design and large range of Bosch & Yamaha powered eBikes for every occasion, from electric mountain bikes, enduro, hybrid, trekking, urban to road bikes.

Haibike offer the largest selection of Bosch & Yamaha powered 2018 electric bikes in the world! In fact they were the first guys to ever make an electric mountain bike.

Haibike Motor Integration
Frame Design & Integration

What drives Haibike is their passion for cycling, design and style. All of the eBikes are developed with riding in mind, so they come very well spec'd and all built on a solid German chassis.

Haibike have always integrated the Bosch & Yamaha eBike system in the most advanced way. They continue to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to motor integration, build quality and ride handling. 

Haibike Design Ideas
Product Testing & Development

Each year the Haibike eBikes are tested on real life terrain and user conditions. They are then refined and developed to advance on each model year. Haibike were and still are based in Schweinfurt, Germany.

They hand build all of their bikes to the highest standard. They are located just across the street from Bosch so are always up to date with the latest developments in the electric bike world. 

Why not read some of our blog articles as to how Haibike set themselves apart from the crowd when it comes to design and innovation. We are specialists in both Yamaha & Bosch powered eBikes, our technicians are fully proficient in Bosch & Yamaha systems. We support what we know - good quality, reliable and stylish European eBikes.

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