Review submitted on previous model: we bough two almost 2 year ago a white one and grey one and absolutely love it We are from Southern California and we always get a lot of attention . We take it in our yacht or airplane and is very easy to put it together is the best bike we ever have . Yesterday I when for 10 miles ride around the Newport Beach if anyone ask me a question I always stop and explain how the bike work . When we are in Catalina island same thing everyone turn the face and look the bike and ask us "where do you get the bike " charge last long time .
Review submitted on previous model: I'm delighted with my Go Cycle 2 purchased from e-bikeshop. The service at the point of purchase was excellent and they delivered the extras I ordered very efficiently, The Go Cycle has smooth suspension, is comfortable to sit on and a pleasure to ride. It's also easy to transport in the back of my car even without fully dismantling it. Just take off the wheels, fold in the pedals and it will fit behind the front seats of most cars. It's an exceedingly clever bike with exceptional looks. Almost every time I use it I get remarks and questions from passers by.
Review submitted on previous model: While surfing the web, I came across the Gocycle G2, and decided to take a closer look. So the following weekend I went to the closest dealer to try out the Gocycle G2. It was surprisingly easy to ride! It really was fun, but it seemed expensive (for me at least).
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Review submitted on previous model: I saw the Gocycle at The Southampton boat show. I was very impressed. They went through everything there was to know about the bike.They freighted the bike to Guernsey for me. I am so impressed with the Gocycle and enjoying it very much.