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Electric Bike Size Guide

Free 14 days electric bike cover

We've teamed up with Bikmo to offer 14 days free electric bike insurance when you purchase your new electric bike from us.

You'll be covered for eBike theft, accessories, crash damage, clothing/headgear, accidental damage, public liability and Bikmo will even cover the cost of getting you home as a result of damage or theft.

You must meet all of the standard Bikmo eligibility criteria and understand the Bikmo locking requirements, this is listed below.

Eligibility For Bikmo Insurance

To be eligible for a Bikmo policy, there are a couple of conditions that you are required to meet.

Please read the information below to ensure that you’re comfortable that you comply with the eligibility criteria, otherwise your insurance may be void. For full details on policy requirements, please refer to Bikmo's Terms Of Business.

To be eligible for a Bikmo policy:

You must be aged 18 or over You must be resident in the United Kingdom You must not use your bike for professional purposes other than; commuting or if you receive annual competition appearance fees of less than £5,000

In the past 5 years you must not:

Have made more than 2 claims for theft or damage to your cycles Have a total value of all claims relating to the theft or damage of your cycles that exceeds £5,000

You must not have had any insurance or proposal:

Cancelled Withdrawn Declined Made subject to special terms

You must not have been previously:

Convicted of or charged with any offence, other than a motoring offence or conviction spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974; or Declared bankrupt or become insolvent or made any voluntary arrangement with creditors or been subject to enforcement of a judgement debt.

Locking Requirements

You'll need a lock if you leave your bike unattended when 'away from home' the lock has to be approved by Sold Secure.

As all of our bikes are priced over £1500 you'll be required to use a Sold Secure 'Gold' rated lock.

If your Sold Secure approved U lock comes with an additional wire cable, please be aware that the cable is not included in the approved rating, it's just the lock. This means that if you secured the bike through the frame to an immovable object, with the cable only, you wouldn't be covered!

Fortunately we've a range of 'Gold' approved locks here

To get this exclusive special offer, simply select the checkbox in the checkout.

We're offering you the perfect package to get you started with your new eBike, without the need for any worry or hassle. Of course, you'll have the no obligation option to continue your insurance over after the initial period.