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Orbea Gain D30 2022 Alloy 105 Electric Road Bike

£2,999.00 £3,399.00

Orbea Gain D30 2022 Alloy 105 Electric Road Bike White
Orbea Gain D30 2022 Alloy 105 Electric Road Bike Black
Orbea Gain D30 2022 Alloy 105 Electric Road Bike Green


Panasonic 250Wh


iWoc One


Ebike Motion X35


30-80 miles

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Orbea Gain D30 Road Electric Bike Review

The 2022 Orbea Gain D30 is a great value mid-level electric road bike whether you're just starting out and want to enter the market on a impeccable value bike with room to grow into it, or have tens of thousands of miles on your Strava account.

The Gain range, with its "Enough Energy" concept is designed to improve but not take over your ride. Lightweight, highly nimble and effortlessly rideable, the New Orbea Gain D30 is a bike which "heeds the call of the open road".

Our 5 point review...


Lightweight and rugged alloy frame


Internally mounted 248Wh battery


Shimano 105 group set - the most widely used "every day" road group set in the world


Compact, punchy and reliable Mahle eBikemotion X35 motor


Simple IWOC control system with Bluetooth and ANT+ app integration


Orbea Gain D30 Road Electric Bike Shimano 105 Crankset
Orbea Gain D30 Road Electric Bike Handlebars

New for 2022..

Along with the rest of the Gain range, the price of the 2022 Orbea Gain D30 has increased slightly over the previous two years, but not without very good cause - the model has been dramatically overhauled and offers exceptional value.

A brand new frame design while retaining the previous well proven geometry sees subtle changes to the hydroformed alloy tubing shape.

This increases aerodynamic efficiency while shaving a little more weight from this already very light electric road eBike.

Orbea Gain D30 Road Electric Bike Fork
Orbea Gain D30 Road Electric Bike 105 Brakes

Fully integrated..

Along with its new headset design to fully integrate the gearshift cables and brake lines, Orbea have also designed a brand new integrated daytime running light which doubles as a cycle computer mount for Garmin and Wahoo devices, now compatible across the full Gain range.

This is complemented at the rear of the bike with a bright but aesthetically unobtrusive tail light built into the seat tube and runs directly from the eBike battery system.

Orbea Gain D30 Road Electric Bike Shimano 105 Drivetrain

Brakes & Gears

The Shimano Ultegra R7070 hydraulic disc brakes ensure you can come to a stop just as quickly as you accelerate on this eRoad bike.

The D30, being at the towards the top of the specification level for the Gain range comes with a complete Shimano 105 group set. The compact twin chain ring, 105 R7000 rear derailleur and cassette, ST-7020 shifters and R7070 brakes make up this smooth and reliable 22spd set-up.

Orbea Gain D30 Road Electric Bike Shimano 105 Brakes

The Shimano 105 hydraulic disc brakes are widely regarded as the best value, with a large range of pad choice.

Orbea Gain D30 Road Electric Bike Shimano 105 Rear Mech

Shimano 105 11 speed gearing is only two steps down from competition grade Dura-Ace components and is silky smooth and highly durable.

Orbea Gain D30 Road Electric Bike Shimano 105 Levers

The Shimano 105 combined gear and brake levers are ultra-smooth and offer controlled braking and smooth shifting in one neat unit.

Orbea Gain D30 Road Electric Bike Saddle

Wheels & Tyres

Lightweight Ready GR alloy rims from Blackjack are agile but strong and allow for a wide choice of tyre fitment.

The Blackjack rims are wrapped with fast rolling Hutchinson Fusion 5 30c All Seasons TLR road tyres, but the forks and frame allow for upto 40c options.

Orbea Gain D30 Road Electric Bike Hutchinson Tyres

The bottom line..

Normally, the most noticeable component on an eBike is the Battery, but this isn't the case on the Gain models.

Seamlessly integrated into the downtube, the 248Wh internal battery on the 2022 Orbea Gain D30 is hidden from view to provide a totally integrated and aesthetically immaculate look.

The latest Mahle Ebikemotion drive system offers smooth and reliable assistance to enhance and improve on your own ride but without dominating it.

The Torque Simulation Algorithm directly mirrors the rider input to provide maximum power when you need it, but preserves range when you're spinning freely, making the Gain D30 a joy to ride on almost any terrain.


E-Bikeshop What's Included

eBikemotion X35 eSystem

Riding the bike aside, one of the best parts of the new 2022 Gain D30 electric road bikes is the completely 'hidden' eDrive system.

Designed to not take away from the ride but to assist your performance, the extra 40Nm from the rear hub motor allows the rider to climb bigger ascents and average a faster overall speed.

3 Modes of Assistance - Controllable by the multi-function power button on the top tube.

Full rider credentials are displayed in the Smart Phone (not essential) application including speed, distance travelled, altitude, battery capacity, trip time and many more.

The smart phone app also has the functionality to pair Bluetooth heart rate monitors or simply connect your Android Wearable or iWatch to run alongside for the full sporting package.

Orbea Gain D30 Road Electric eBikeMotion iWOC Button

The IWOC control system uses just a single button to display the current battery status and change between power modes.

Orbea Gain D30 Road Electric eBikeMotion X35 Motor

The eBikemotion motor is small, compact and ultra reliable but packs a punch on long ascents and false flats.

Orbea Gain D30 Road Electric eBikeMotion Rage Extender

An optional range extender option offers the ability to bolt on an extra 70% of range in just seconds.

Orbea Gain D30 Road Electric eBikeMotion X35 Motor System

What's included

Your new electric bike gets a full set-up by our workshop technicians ahead of delivery.

Your eBike will arrive with a user manual, keys (where applicable), charger & free follow up service (at our service center) within 3 months of delivery.

This electric bikes includes a 5yr warranty on the frame, 2yr warranty on all the electrics and 1yr warranty on the components. In the event of a problem, we handle all warranty claims via our dedicated support in-house.

E-Bikeshop is a UK Electric Bike Service Center and our in-house workshop is exclusively reserved for our own eBike customers. We have time to support the eBikes we sell.


General Bike Specifications

Frame Orbea Gain Hydro 6061 Hydroformed Aluminium 2022

Forks Gain Hydro carbon fork

Brakes Shimano R7070 Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Shifters Shimano ST-7020 11-Speed

Rear Mech Shimano 105 R7000 GS 11-Speed

Cassette Shimano 105 R7000 11-32t 11-Speed

Chain KMC X11 11-Speed

Wheelset Ready GR 700c Alloy Wheels

Tyres Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance TLR 700x30

Handlebars OC2 Road, reach 80mm, drop 125mm

Stem OC1 31.8mm interface -6º

Headset Acros Alloy 1-1/2" Internal Cable Routing

Seatpost OC 27.2 Offset 0, for integrated light

Saddle Selle Royal Asphalt GR

Weight 13.7 kg (Approx)

Electric Bike Specifications

Battery Ebikemotion 36V 6.9A 250Wh

Display OC monochrome ANT+ LEV

Motor Ebikemotion X35 Plus

Range 30-80 miles of power assisted range, depending on terrain



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A fantastic bike shop. Everything you could need in a bike shop, assisted brilliantly with a new e-road bike purchase, bike in stock and super quick delivery, helpful advice with setting the bike up and a small warranty claim needed within the first year. All round great service, very quick response by email, very knowledgeable and friendly.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Bill Winward
Just turned 70 and needed to get more exercise

Just turned 70 and needed to get more exercise. The only exercise that is not totally boring for me is cycling so the bike resurfaced after years in the garage. After one 11 mile ride I realised this was going to be very hard work, involving much pain. I needed help! Scoured the Internet and found e-bikeshop.co.uk. Good range of bikes and, unlike many shops, they had stock! Believe me, that is so important when you are anxious for help. I decided on the Gain D20 with the 105 setup. Only one problem, they only had it in black in my frame size so it was Hobson’s choice. Oh well, I thought. Called the shop to check when it was likely to be delivered and was told that if I ordered it that morning, it could be despatched that afternoon and delivered the next day. And it was! Brilliant service. Best of all, the bike looks absolutely fabulous in matt black.
Took it for its first ride this morning and it was great. The power assistance works beautifully, admittedly my current course is not particularly hilly but I will be extending that route in pretty short order to include more hills which will be happening much sooner thanks to the e-bike than if I hadn’t taken the plunge.
Great bike, great shop.

John Maynard
I am coming up 75 and although a seasoned

I am coming up 75 and although a seasoned cyclist, I am now overweight and with creaky knees. As such I was in danger of having to stop cycling but this bike has given me a new lease of life. It doesn't look like an electric "invalid" bike at all for my pride/ego and in fact looks great AND the "gain" system is brilliant. It still rides just like a regular road bike but kicks in perfectly when needed - wish it had been around when I was 60! Brilliant.

Jeremy Cox
Living in slightly lumpy Warwickshire it brings

What a brilliant machine! Living in slightly lumpy Warwickshire it brings joy to rides by taking the edge off the hills. Great support and communication from the team at e-bikeshop too.

Sami Saarinen
Bought alloy Orbea D30 with Shimano 105 on 10

Bought alloy Orbea D30 with Shimano 105 on 10/10/2018 and got it delivered to Finland, where I mainly spend my long weekends. The sales process and delivery was done surprisingly smoothly -- so this may not be my last bike I'll buy from UK e-bikeshop.

Bike meant for half gravel -- half tarmac roads and will be using it through the winter up to -10C.

Average training session lasts 2 hours. More during summer time, less winter time (due to cold).
We have some serious hills in Espoo -- short and steep (for me at least). All so far easily through.
My first 50km completed on the weekend. Normally with 0-25% e-assisted but these steep climbs at maximum power. And yet could still maintain speeds of 15-20kph.
Relative low gear, high revs was needed for more assistance -- that was my feeling.

The bike was a perfect fit for me and the first drop-bar where I also have hydraulic brakes.
Time for winter tyres now, going for Schwalbe 35cc with studs.
Also fitted new Garmin Edge 130 with HRM, RPM and Speedometer.

Highly recommended buy.

Bryce Mansfield
Bought the Orbea Gain D30 Alloy bike with 105

Bought the Orbea Gain D30 Alloy bike with 105 equipment after the various options were explained very well.
Have only done one ride since buying it but as they say "it did what it said on the tin" assisting me in maintaining a good pace and climbing several hills with only the lowest boost. I also rode for 4 miles with no power and found that was fine on the flatter parts of the ride. Only just over 25% of the power used over 25 miles.
After sales queries dealt with promptly.