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Gocycle Electric Bikes

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Gocycle are completely different to any other manufacturer we work with. They are at heart engineers, why is this different? Because their product is purely based around a fresh base of requirements and a high level of engineering.

The Gocycle is the only real European built portable eBike. Designed by ex Formula 1 engineer - Richard Thorpe. The Gocycle meets the requirements for lots of users and is popular with city commuters, leisurely weekend rides and boat owners alike. In fact their are too many uses for the Gocycle to list.

The practicalities of owning an electric assisted bike, combined with the portability make the Gocycle really unique. Click on the Gocycle below to review its full features.

We are proud to be one of a handful of Gocycle Premium Approved Resellers in the UK. This means that we stock the full range of bikes, as well as the necessary accessories and parts. We have also had full Gocycle Tech training at the Gocycle HQ. Our fully trained Gocycle technicians can carry out all tasks on Gocycle electric bikes meaning that we can fully support the products that we offer.