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Electric Bike Handlebar Stems

Electric Bike Handlebar Stems at E-Bikeshop

All of our electric bikes come with stems as standard. The stem is the part which connects the bicycle handlebars to the rest of the bike.

For many weekend riders, the ability to raise or lower the height and angle of the handlebar stem is a key step in achieving that ultimate rider comfort and position. Bicycle handlebar stems are the silent architects of rider comfort and control.

These crucial components dictate the bike's handling and posture, connecting the handlebars to the fork and frame. Available in various lengths and angles, they tailor the riding position to individual preferences, optimising comfort and responsiveness. Adjustable stems accommodate diverse riding styles, allowing customization for different terrains or preferences.

Constructed from lightweight yet durable materials like aluminium or carbon fibre, they ensure strength without compromising agility. Often underestimated, handlebar stems profoundly influence bike handling, making them an essential consideration for cyclists seeking personalized, efficient, and comfortable rides.

The handlebar stem on your bike attaches your handlebars to your fork steerer - the piece of metal or carbon tube which comes from the top of the bike's forks, through the frame and up to where you can.

Most bike handlebar stems fit onto a 1 1/8" steerer tube. Which is the top part of the forks in which the stem attached to. Most 31.8mm handlebars fit onto standard stems, however it's worth noting as handlebar widths can be different, some MTB bars are 35mm wide, so it's worth checking.

Most stems will be a standard bolt-on fitment, however if you are planning to use an adjustable stem, or a stem which is much longer or taller than the original, then you may need to consider lengthening the cables i.e brake hoses and gear cables so that they can reach the new handlebar height.

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