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History of Orbea
Orbea eBikes - A history lesson. Tue, May 18, 21
The Orbea brand has been around for a very long time - almost as long as bicycles themselves. Like many businesses who've survived two world wars, a civil war, political... Read More
2021 Gocycle G4 Electric Folding Bikes
New 2021 Gocycle G4 models - What's the difference? Tue, Apr 13, 21
Their biggest feature overhaul and most technologically advanced product since the launch of the Gocycle G2 in 2012, we take a deeper look at the differences between their three exciting... Read More
New Bosch 2021 Electric Bike Features Revealed
First Look: Bosch eBike Features for 2021 Revealed Sat, Jun 27, 20
We take a look at the new Bosch eBike features revealed for 2021 electric bikes. Each year, Bosch make updates to their hardware and software and you can learn all... Read More
What's the difference between the Gocycle GX and Gocycle GXi?
What's the difference between the Gocycle GX & GXi electric bikes? Tue, Dec 10, 19
Apart from the Gocycle names being one letter apart, do you want to learn what the differences are between the Gocycle GX and the Gocycle GXi electric bikes? Keep reading... Read More
Tech Talk with e-bikeshop and EMTB Forums about the Electric Bike Industry, Innovations & Technology
E-Bike Tech Talk: EMTB Forums & Martin (e-bikeshop.co.uk) Interview Mon, Jun 11, 18
The guys from EMTB Forums came down for the day and interviewed Martin at E-bikeshop to cover some of the biggest topics in the electric bike industry. The talk covers... Read More
Bosch Electric Bike eBike 2019 eMTB Updates
NEW 2019 Bosch Electric Bike System eMTB Updates Wed, May 02, 18
Every year Bosch eBike Systems evolves its product line up. For 2019 Bosch offer new features for its eMTB community based on rider feedback. Let's look at the new features.... Read More
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