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Haibike E-Bike Parts

Haibike Electric Bike Spares at E-Bikeshop

Haibike OEM electric bike parts and spares epitomize precision and reliability, ensuring seamless replacements for your Haibike e-bike.

These original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components encompass motors, batteries, frames, and accessories, maintaining Haibike's exacting standards for optimal performance. Crafted to match Haibike's stringent criteria, these parts preserve the bike's integrity and reliability.

Whether it's a battery replacement for extended rides or accessories for enhancing your experience on the trails, Haibike's OEM parts assure the same high quality as the original equipment. Easily accessible through authorised dealers, they guarantee your Haibike sustains its exceptional performance and durability, ensuring continued enjoyment on your cycling journeys.

As the UK's largest Haibike dealer we offer the full support for Haibike electric bikes. We hold spares to support the Haibike eBikes we sell. We also have fully trained Haibike tech's on site should they be required. It's important with any product to not just sell the bikes but fully support the bikes too. This is why many parts are available exclusively to our clients only and have everything in hand should there be any issues.

The best place to buy parts and spares for your Haibike electric bike is your supplying dealer. If they are selling the bikes, you can bet they're an authorised dealer and this means they have the fastest access to all of the parts, spares and accessories needed to keep your bike in the best condition. They'll also know which parts are and aren't compatible, cutting down the time it takes to hunt them down.

The vast majority of components on your Haibike electric bike wont actually be Haibike parts at all. Brakes and gears are made by Shimano and SRAM, the suspension from Rockshox, Fox and Suntour and the motor and battery could be Bosch, Yamaha or another European drive unit manufacturer and for these components, you should replace them with like for like components from those manufacturers. For Haibike specific parts like the frame, fittings and other proprietary parts, you should only replace them with OEM Haibike electric bike parts.

Haibike are based in Germany and so some of their more obscure parts can be up to 10 days lead time, which is why we invest heavily in our own stock of them. The Haibike range of electric bikes are exceptionally reliable and require very little in the way of maintenance to keep them in top condition, and we will always seek to maintain our own stock of the most commonly used parts, many of which will only be available to our own customers for total peace of mind.

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