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2025 Orbea Rise electric bike models all you need to know
2025 Orbea Rise LT and SL - Everything you need to know! Thu, May 02, 24
The brand new 2025 Orbea Rise range is finally here! Since getting a glimpse of it at the Orbea factory in Spain for the first time back in March, we've been... Read More
Seizing the Diem - A day in the Spanish hills on the 2024 Orbea Diem
Seizing the Diem - A day in the Spanish hills on the 2024 Orbea Diem Sat, Mar 23, 24
Surely there's no better way to test the new 2024 Orbea Diem than on its home turf? This week, we've been riding the Orbea Diem in the northern Spanish hills.  Read More
2024 Cube Touring Hybrid Electric Bikes
2024 Cube Touring Hybrid - Leisure, Hybrid and Touring Electric Bikes Wed, Jan 24, 24
Old bike, new tricks. The 2024 Cube Touring Hybrid model has been around the block but with continual model development it keeps returning with new components, specification and unbeatable value.  Read More
2023 Orbea Wild and Orbea Rise Demo Day
Demo Day on the new 2023 Orbea Wild and Rise @ QECP Fri, Sep 22, 23
We offered 54 eager riders the chance to test the brand new 2023 Orbea Wild and Rise models to see what they thought of these fantastic eMTB models. Read More
Why are electric bikes so expensive?
Why are electric bikes so expensive? Wed, Sep 20, 23
This article was inspired by a comments in a DIY ebike building group branding mainstream bikes a "rip off". Are they? Read More
2023 Orbea Wild and 2023 Orbea Rise MyO Available to Order
2023 Orbea Wild and 2023 Rise MyO Sat, Jun 24, 23
There's something quite special about being able to design your own bike - especially when it costs absolutely nothing. We take a look at the options for 2023 Orbea Wild... Read More
2022 Orbea Rise Sale Prices
Why right now is the time to buy a 2022 Orbea Rise Wed, Jun 21, 23
With prices at rock bottom and stocks still good, there wont be a better time or chance to bag one of the best lightweight trail bikes ever produced. Read More
New 2024 Bosch eBike Product Launch
New products unveiled in the 2024 Bosch eBike Systems range Mon, Jun 19, 23
Bosch always like to surprise us and the 2024 product launch is no exception. Even at the back of our minds, believing we must be due one soon, along with... Read More
New 2023 Shimano cues ebike components
Shimano CUES - The internet's most comprehensive guide. Wed, Mar 08, 23
The brand new Shimano CUES range of products seeks to consolidate almost all of their current "sub 12 speed" group sets into one, unified product range. On the surface this seems... Read More
2023 Haibike Alltrack 4 and Alltrack 5
2023 Haibike AllTrack 4 and 5 Hard Tail Electric Mountain Bikes Thu, Mar 02, 23
The latest in a lengthy history of top quality Hard Tail mountain bikes from one of the most recognisable electric mountain bike brands in the industry, the new 2023 Haibike... Read More
Electric Bike Battery Fires - What's inside and are you at risk?
Electric Bike Battery Fires - What's inside and are you at risk? Tue, Feb 28, 23
Lately it seems that every week, there's another sad story of a property having burned down or a person injured by an electric bike (or scooter) battery setting on fire. Are... Read More
2023 Orbea Rise M and H Models Lightest EMTB
2023 Orbea Rise M and H models. Tue, Feb 28, 23
It doesn't seem that long ago we were first launching this incredible machine to our customers around the world. It's time to take another look at the 2023 Orbea Rise... Read More
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