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Electric Bike Security & Locks

Electric Bike Locks & Security at E-Bikeshop

One of the most important aspects of owning an eBike is to secure it when not in use. So many riders forget this until it's too late.

Be it out on the trails, stopping at the shops or even when parked in your garage or shed it's important to use a good quality secure lock to prevent anyone pinching it. With rising e-bike popularity, these reliable locks become indispensable shields, reinforcing the importance of safeguarding these technological wonders against potential threats.

High-quality locks are the fortress of security for electric bicycles, deterring theft and safeguarding valuable investments. Specifically designed with eBikes in mind, these robust locks, often with reinforced chains or advanced mechanisms and materials, provide formidable protection against theft attempts.

Their durable materials and tamper-resistant features offer peace of mind, ensuring the bike remains securely anchored in various urban settings. Investing in a top-tier lock isn't just about compliance — it's a proactive stance against theft, preserving the e-bike's value and ensuring uninterrupted rides.

With more than 250,000 bikes stolen in the UK alone each year, investing in a good quality lock is as important as a helmet. It should be "fit for purpose", i.e if you need to lock your bike to a physical object, you should consider its type and length to ensure it fits your bike and the intended place to lock it. Get in touch with us you need help picking a lock for your new bike.

Sold Secure are the industry body who set the standards for locking solutions for bicycles and motorbikes in the UK. Lock manufacturers can submit their locks for destructive testing and at the end, they're given a rating based on how difficult they are to break as a result of both time, force and tools required. For the purpose of insurance, almost all insurers state that "if the bike is worth more than £1,000, the minimum standard of lock is Gold".

D-Locks generally offer the best resistance to theft. They're next to impossible to cut with bolt croppers and most modern ones have special casings or are made from materials which are resistant to angle grinders. Their downside is that they're more difficult to carry and not normally big enough to lock the bike to anything larger than a bike rack or railing. Chains on the other hand are not quite as strong as a D-Lock, but offer much more flexibility in locking options, including being able to fit around lamp posts and bollards where no rack is available. The best lock for you, depends on your own individual bike and where you plan to secure it.

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