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These electric bikes are designed to cover a little bit of everything, with a slight bias towards off road road riding and where the terrain and riding surface is continually changing. Often with wider than normal gear ratios and multi-terrain tyres, these highly capable electric bikes offer a level of versatility that make them a great value choice for almost any type of rider.

We’ve worked with and sold many of the top brands of Track and Trail electric bikes over the last decade, but have hand picked Cube for their unbeatable value, Orbea for their incredible attention to detail and hand built quality, Haibike for their incredible German reliability and specification along with Scott for their continually forward thinking design.

24" Wheels

This wheel size is only featured on our kids hardtail eBikes. It's great for smaller riders as its close to the size of adults bikes giving a great ride, but it's stll easily manoeverable for fun in the woods!

27" Wheels

The mountain bikers tyre of choice for everyday trail riding, with all manoeuvrability of a 26" but with fast rolling characteristics of a 29". See it as the middle ground, you can't go wrong.

29" Wheels

Suited for XC and faster rolling riding, 29" tends to roll faster, cover more ground & go over obstacles easier. With slightly less tight handling in windy sections. Also well suited to taller riders.

Hard tails are good for riding on light off road terrain. Some prefer the handling characteristics of a hard tail bike as it's rigid and you can feel the trail more underneath you. Whilst some prefer to use a full suspension bike for a more comfortable ride.

Let's not forget that a hard tail can easily be used on the road too. Ideal for someone who wishes to commute in the week and also hit some trails at the weekend. Although not specified, we can also fit mudguards, racks and lights to a hard tail as an effective; more stylish looking commuter. Larger 700c or 29" wheeled bikes tend to be better suited for this.

In this colleciton we feature Hard tail bikes, which are defined by having suspension at the front and a rigid frame at the rear (hard tail). Built with mountain bike off road / hybrid tyres they are suitable for light off road and trail centers. Also suitable for off road excursions, darting across back lanes, or just some Sunday leisure fun.

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