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E-Bike Saddles & Seat Posts

Electric Bike Saddles at E-Bikeshop

All of our electric bikes come as standard with unisex saddles. Whilst some of these are more comfortable than others, it's still one of the most upgraded items!

We offer saddles in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the rider. Find your preferred option above. Bicycle saddles are the cornerstone of rider comfort, dictating enjoyable journeys. Crafted with ergonomic precision and varying widths, they ensure proper support and weight distribution, minimizing discomfort on long rides on eBikes.

Innovative designs consider anatomical differences, providing relief and reducing pressure points. Materials like gel, foam, or leather cater to individual preferences, balancing cushioning and durability. Ventilation and cut out features enhance airflow and alleviate heat, promoting a cooler, more comfortable ride.

A well-chosen saddle isn't merely an accessory—it's a personalized interface between rider and bike, crucial for enjoyable, pain-free cycling experiences, underscoring the significance of a tailored saddle choice for every cyclist.

Saddles are a very individual thing, however most manufacturers provide unisex gel and memory foam saddles which fit the widest majority of riders and so are likely to be comfortable right out of the box. Only in a minority of cases would a rider need a specific width saddle to be comfortable on a bike. This is more often the case with road cyclists, where the saddles have little to no padding at all.

Measuring for a saddle is actually measuring your ischial or "sit" bones in the base of your pelvis. This is normally done with specialist equipment on which you sit, and leave an impression. The width of these bones determine the width of saddle required. Most men sit within a range of 100-140mm with womens pelvis' slightly wider at 110-150mm. 20mm is added to the measurement, and this is the width of saddle you require.

You can fit most saddles on most bikes. While the rail width and length is the same on most bikes, some manufacturers make the rails a specific shape. The most common are completely cylindrical however on some higher end bikes with carbon rails, these are ovalised and not compatible with a round shaped clamp. Seat posts come in many different widths and shapes and you'll need to check carefully that it will fit the bike you intend it for.

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