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Bottle Cages For Electric Bikes

Electric Bike Bottle Cages at E-Bikeshop

Bottle cages are indispensable accessories for electric bikes, securely holding hydration within easy reach for cyclists.

These lightweight, durable holders ensure convenient access to water or energy drinks during rides, promoting proper hydration for optimal performance. Their versatile designs accommodate various bottle sizes and shapes, providing a snug fit and minimising rattling on uneven terrains. Mounted on the bike frame, they optimise space and leave handlebars free, allowing an unobstructed riding experience.

With materials ranging from aluminium to carbon fibre, bottle cages balance weight, durability, and aesthetics, complementing the bike's overall look. Practical and essential, they're a small yet crucial accessory enhancing the comfort and efficiency of cycling adventures.

Bottle cages allow you to carry all important drinking bottles whilst on the move. For some Haibike models that feature the MRS rail, there's a special bottle kit we offer, other models may require a bracket. If you don't have bottle cage mounts, then view the available brackets for mounting a bottle cage to the back of the saddle or handlebars.

With most bicycle accessory manufacturers working to standardise components so that almost everything is compatible, almost all bottle cages will fit all bikes and only a very small number of bikes are not compatible with any common bottle cage. The only exceptions are where bikes have proprietary accessory attachments like the Haibike MRS system, where a small adapter component is needed.

The best place to mount a bottle cage is anywhere its both safe and convenient to reach it. On most bikes this will be on the downtube however other mounting solutions are available, such as those which mount under the seat behind the rider, or directly onto the handlebars.

There are lots of materials used in the manufacture of bottle cages however most are made from one of several forms of plastics. There are also light weight alloy versions which offer the greatest longevity or for those who are really conscious of weight, carbon fiber.

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