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I have just paid a visit to the e-bikeshop where I can say Martin and the Team were fantastic. Martin was extremely helpful, he explained everything with patience and style and I can certainly say he knew everything you would ever need to know about electric bikes. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone, if you are ever looking for a electric bike you must pay these guys a visit as you won't be disappointed. I finally decided on a Haibike, I have just got it home and done a test ride and all I can say is WOW, it is an awesome bike, thank you Martin, definitely the right choice! Thanks again guys -  Lisa & Reggie

Next big thing: 2018 Haibike
xDuro & sDuro eBikes

Haibike - Redefining ePerformance since eMTB's began with Bosch & Yamaha eBikes.
2018 models in stock today - Get your's now!


Haibike range of Electric Bikes

At e-bikeshop we are the largest suppliers of Haibike in the UK. Haibike are based in Germany and have an excellent reputation for high quality electric bikes. Haibike actually have the largest range of Bosch & Yamaha powered eBikes in the world. 

Their advanced design and special way of integrating the Bosch motor is often ahead of the game in the way of Design. Now also with the new sDuro range featuring Yamaha.

Haibike Electric Bikes Logo

Haibike tick all the boxes, they are Bosch / Yamaha crank drive, European built & offer a good range of quality bikes. 

View the full range of Haibike eBikes by clicking here - Haibike eBikes

Moustache range of Electric Bikes

Moustache are based in France and all of their eBikes are hand built in their factories to the highest standard. We have been offering the range since 2014 are very proud to be the largest supplier of Moustache in the UK. You have to see a Moustache bike in the flesh to really appreciate the finish.

Moustache actually only focus on Bosch powered eBikes, nothing else, so they can focus on what they do best - Good quality, solid European built electric bikes.

Moustache Electric Bikes Logo

This range offers something for every cyclist. From 'Hidden Power' eMTB's to fast rolling drop bar road bikes.

View the line-up of Moustache eBikes by clicking here - Moustache eBikes 

Quality, Stylish and Elegant: Sum up the Moustache Trekking 2018 eBikes

The Moustache electric bike range for 2018. Hand built Bosch eBikes from Golbey,
see what model suits you today.

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Lapierre Overvolt Electric Bikes

Lapierre bikes are based in Dijon, France. Lapierre's sheer passion for developing and producing high quality bikes has put them ahead of the game when it comes to actual ride style. Lapierre have a big reputation for producing killer bikes that are often featured as bike of the year. 

It is very exciting for us to be able to offer the new Carbon frame of Bosch powered eBikes here in the UK.

Lapierre LogoNow mountain bikers can ride harder, faster and for longer on the full suspension Lapierre eBikes. 

View the full range of Lapierre eBikes by clicking here - Lapierre eBikes

Raleigh Electric Bike Range

Raleigh based in Nottingham UK, understand the Great British public and what users needs are here. Their electric bikes are refined for riders here, be from comfort or practicality. The models are thoroughly thought out and developed on the UK market. 

We actually report back to Raleigh with feedback on their eBikes to make sure they are performing at their best.

Raleigh eBike Logo

We just focus on the crank drive electric bikes on offer from Raleigh, including the Motus in a few different variants.

View the full range of Raleigh eBikes by clicking here - Raleigh eBikes

Ride: Longer, Harder & Faster 
Scott Electric MTB's

New Scott electric mountain bikes are a step forward in eBike integration.
Now with new 150mm travel bikes and Shimano Steps integration.


Scott range of Electric Bikes

Scott have been making bikes since the early 90's. Today and for some time now they are of the market leaders in bicycle design. Based in Switzerland, Scott now have a new eBike range consisting of both Bosch and Shimano Steps crank drive systems. We are excited to be working alongside Scott to bring a new way of biking to the UK. 

After dabbling in the eBike market a few years ago, Scott are now taking the eBike industry seriously with a really smart range.

Scott Electric Bikes Logo

We offer different styles of Scott eBike from hardtail mountain bikes to full suspension and even a modern looking commuter bike. 

View the full range of Scott eBikes by clicking here - Scott eBikes

Gocycle Portable Electric Bikes

We are pleased to include the Gocycle G3 into our fantastic range of electric bikes. For a long time we were looking for the next level of portable eBike. The Gocycle has just that, being able to offer a decent European bike to customers looking for a more portable eBike to store on a boat, car or dart across the city.

The Gocycle really is a fantastic piece of kit, its simplistic design looks good both on the ride and at home or in the office!

Gocycle eBikes Logo

We offer the Gocycle in 3 different colours and with optional accessory kits, these range from commuter kits to portable packs and pannier bags.

View the new Gocycle portable eBike by clicking here - New G3 Gocycle

"When the rest of the group are exhausted and slathering themselves in Irish tea and muffins, you’re going to take the Lapierre out to get in another trail before home time

"The next best thing to having a electric motor implanted into your calf muscles, the Haibike provides 275 percent 'pedal assistance' which means you can blast up the trails without breaking a sweat"

Haibike Electric Bike

"Mountain bike champion Nicolas Vouilloz has designed an electric mountain bike with enough thrust to wipe the smile off his face as you sail past"

Lapierre Electric Bike

"The electric assistance is so generous that you’ll arrive with dry armpits, having justified the purchase price by saving thousands of pounds on petrol or rail fares"

Gocycle Electric Bike

"You'll relish the prospect of uphill climbs, and you'll do anything to make room for one in your bachelor pad"

Haibike Electric Bike

"The power delivery is sublime; subtle yet significant. It comes in with such sweetness you almost don't realise it's happening"

Gocycle Electric Bike