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E-Bike Brake Parts & Spares

Brake Electric Bike Spares at E-Bikeshop

We understand that it's important to hold brake spares for our eBikes should the time come when you wish service them or replace pads.

Electric bike brake spares, encompassing levers, callipers, and brake pads from leading brands like Shimano, SRAM, and Magura, assure top-tier performance and safety. These components undergo meticulous engineering, ensuring easy fitting and reliable braking power.

Shimano's precision-crafted brake sets promise responsive control, while SRAM's innovative designs offer efficiency and durability. Magura's expertise delivers precision braking, ensuring rider confidence.

Whether replacing levers for ergonomic comfort, callipers for precise stopping, or brake pads for enhanced grip, these spares maintain the same quality as original components. Accessible through certified dealers, they ensure your electric bike sustains its optimal braking performance, safeguarding your rides with consistent reliability.

The brakes on electric bikes are exactly the same as those used on ordinary bikes. To find the right pads for your you'll first need to identify which brakes are fitted on your bike. The easiest way to do this is to find it on our website. All models sold by us since 2015 still appear on our website with their full specification. Once you know which brakes are fitted, finding pads is easy. If you bike used "Magura MT 5" brakes, simply search "Magura MT 5" in the search bar and you'll be served compatible parts for that system.

You can almost always upgrade brakes on any bikes we've sold. This can be the same brand, IE, from Shimano Deore to Shimano XT or you can opt to switch to another brand. Please note that if switching to another brake manufacturer, while almost always possible, it might require other changes to the bike like post mount adapters, different brake rotors, etc. Please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Thankfully, having only sold hydraulic disc brake equipped bikes for the best part of a decade, the braking systems on our bikes are a doddle to work on and in almost all cases, routine maintenance can be done by the user at home with nothing more than the most basic of hand tools and at worst, a quick peek at a YouTube video. Our workshops and technical support team on the phone and email are always on hand to assist.

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