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The electric mountain bike market is easily the fastest moving and most technologically advanced in the biking industry.

Whether you’re looking for the most powerful electric bike you can buy in the UK without a motorbike license or want something almost as light and nimble as a normal bike but without the uphill slog, the rapidly widening options in the eMTB world will have something to offer all types of off-road focussed rider.

We offer a large selection of full suspension electric mountain bikes, the styles tend to be split into travel, based on the riders requirements. Suspension travel is how much the fork / shock can soak up. Generally speaking; the bigger the travel, the bigger hits the eBike can take:

120/130mm Travel

Is adequate for Cross Country & Trail riding. Typically your average mountain biker will benefit from around 120mm travel to soak up light terrain and make for a comfortable off road ride.

140/150mm Travel

Is commonly used for Trail & All Mountain riding. Designed as a bit of a do-it-all style, the bike will handle most trail centres but also be able to handle the odd bigger hitting bike parks too.

170/180mm Travel

Bikes in this area can be used for both All Mountain riding and Enduro. Where the rider will take on larger obstacles, jumps & drops. The extra travel in the suspension handles this terrain better.

With lots of options on different wheel sizes, how do you know what will work best for your style of riding? Let's break down wheel sizes into 3 categories and explain a little more about each to help you:

27" Wheels

The mountain bikers tyre of choice for everyday trail riding, with all manoeuvrability of a 26" but with fast rolling characteristics of a 29". See it as the middle ground, you can't go wrong.

29" Wheels

Suited for XC and faster rolling riding, 29" tends to roll faster, cover more ground & go over obstacles easier. With slightly less tight handling in windy sections. Also well suited to taller riders.

27/29" Wheels

Some All Mountain models feature a "mullet style" wheel setup. This consists generally of a 29" at the front for navigating bumps and obstacles and a 27" rear wheel for easy maneuverability

A full suspension bike is easier to ride because it's doing a lot more of the work soaking up off road terrain, instead of you - the rider, leading to a more comfortable ride and thus you should be able to sustain a longer duration of riding.

Let's not forget that most of our full suspension models also have the opportunity to lock the rear shock, effectively turning the bike into a hard tail. Great if you wish to commute in the week, then unlock the rear end ready for some off road fun at the weekend - effectively two bikes in one!

It's simple, it has suspension at both the front (fork) and rear (shock). Ultimately the bike will soak up the terrain making for an easier, better handling and more comfortable off road bike.

We’ve worked with and sold many of the top brands of electric mountain bikes over the last decade, but have hand picked Cube for their unbeatable value, Orbea for their incredible attention to detail and hand built quality, Haibike for their incredible German reliability and specification along with Scott for their continually forward thinking design.

Orbea E-MTB's

The best electric mountain bikes from Orbea come in the form of the Wild & the Rise. Both true off-road electric bikes. Find out more about Orbea Electric Bikes.

Haibike E-MTB's

Haibike feature a huge range of eMTB starting at hard tails, to all mountain, up to full blown enduro options. Find out more about Haibike Electric Bikes.

Cube E-MTB's

Cube split their range into Stereo 120, 140 and 160mm options. There's a Cube Stereo eMTB for any mountain bike rider. Find out more about Cube Electric Bikes.

Scott E-MTB's

From gravity and all mountain, right through to hard tails. Scott has every electric mountain bike rider covered. Find out more about Scott Electric Bikes.

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Ride Mountains E-Bike Benefit

E-MTB’s allow you to ride to previously unobtainable heights- step up your game.


Improved Torque E-Bike Benefit

Assisted climbing is way too much fun with consistent torque & traction from the motor.


Good For Health E-Bike Benefit

E-bike workouts are a great form of cardio because they get your heart rate going.


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Explore the great outdoors on your E-MTB. It’s a workout & you're not stuck inside.


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