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Electric Bike Handlebar Grips

Electric Bike Handlebar Grips at E-Bikeshop

Many of our bikes come with decent handlebar grips as standard. But if you wish to customise yours, view the handlebar grip upgrades above.

For many weekend riders, the ergonomic comfort grips really help achieve that all important rider comfort, whilst further supporting your palms too. Bicycle handlebar grips are the unsung heroes of comfort and control. They offer a firm yet cushioned grasp, minimising hand fatigue during rides.

Available in various materials like rubber, foam, or silicone, they cater to different preferences for grip texture and shock absorption. Ergonomically designed, they provide wrist support and enhance handling precision, crucial during long journeys or rough terrains.

Lock-on grips ensure stability, preventing slippage even in wet conditions. Additionally, they personalise bikes, adding flair through colours and patterns. Often overlooked, handlebar grips significantly impact ride comfort, making them an essential accessory for every cyclist seeking a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Handlebar grips are a very personal choice and theres really no right or wrong answer. Some people prefer a specific shape, some prefer a grip with an ergonomic palm support to alleviate pressure on the wrists and some simply choose them for their colour. Whichever you go for, along with pedals and saddles, they're a great way to express your individual character.

Most bicycle handlebar grips are made from different forms of rubber, plastics, or a combination of both. On road bikes with dropped bars, the grip comes in the form of "bar tape" and is wrapped onto the bars. These are generally made from PVC, EVA (a type of foam) or more traditionally, cork or leather.

Handlebar grips on your bike are very important and are there to help you maintain control of the bike. Either being made from a 'grippy' material (rubber) or having a knurled finish to help you grip them with your hands, they also help to cushion the hands from the vibrations and impacts of normal cycling.

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