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The love of my life

The bike is great I think I pick the best colour (blue)
Takes 10 years of my legs no hill to dig

Great service great quality tool

Delivered in good time and an excellent tool.

Fantastic Bike!

I purchased this bike for my wife who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and now finds it difficult to cycle her conventional Cube Reaction SLT MTB. I'm a huge fan of CUBE and having considered the Fold Sport Hybrid 500 carefully, I took the plunge. The speed of dispatch was amazing! Picked up by the courier on Monday and delivered before noon on Wednesday! It was very well packaged also and the packaging was in very good condition on arrival, indicating that care was taken during delivery. Unpacked it and charged the battery. It comes with folding pedals but we choose to fit our own as they have a Zefal strapless toe clips and my wife felt more secure with these fitted. Adjusted the saddle height and handlebar height and a very excited wife set off for a spin and returned some time later, delighted! I couldn't wait to try it either! The ebike controls are so easy to use. The display is large and clear. The gear shifter is light to use and very responsive. The bike is very well constructed, balanced and so easy and effortless to ride. Like all cube bikes that we own it gives you confidence. I thought that maybe the small 20" wheels would have created a balance issue but the wide tyres make the bike very stable. We've used it on wide grass and gravel pathways and have found that on all surfaces that CUBE intended the bike to the used on, it is very comfortable and stable and rides well. The brakes are very efficient and light to use even for someone with rheumatoid arthritis. The one size fits all works for us and it was easy to find a comfortable set up. I have also changed the saddle to one my wife is used to, a FIZIK LUCE S R5... It's not uncommon that both pedals and saddles are changed for rider preferences. Through intelligent use of the e-assist we have managed to get over 130 miles from one charge of the battery! The lights are bright also and so easy to operate. In a nutshell... We love it! Also.. The service we received from the staff at ebikeshop.com and TNT(FEDEX) was nothing short of exceptional! Thank you!

Excellent Service

Purchased following an accident where I dropped my original one.
Phoned E-Bike shop, they found my original order and sent me the replacement screen.
Super service.

Absolutely love the bike, its features, modes and connectivity, but disappointed to find exactly the same spec bike significantly cheaper elsewhere on-line just a couple of days after my purchase.

A blast on my new Orbea Rise M LTD

Just received my new Orbea Rise M Ltd from E-bike shop in Farnham. I am having a real blast riding this bike. I had the M10 from 2021 but do not regret upgrading. It’s lighter, more nimble than ever. The new EP8 RS motor seems more refined than the previous one. The Shimano app allows you to fine tune your ride.
After trying all the new super light e-bikes around the country, I am very happy that I chose the Orbea. The limited one is top notch. I am a tiny woman and this bike gave me plenty of confidence and I will certainly improve my riding. A huge Thank You to Farnham E-bike shop Team. Karine from Milton Keynes.

Great value

Great bike

Fabulous helmet!

Excellent piece of essential safety kit. The helmet has an interior liner which is easily adjusted to provide a snug and comfortable fit which, together with the simple to adjust chin-strap, leaves me with a helmet that doesn't slip or slide around at all. It's extremely light and the added bonus of a rear-facing red light that provides either a continuous or flashing output provides additional safety. Once correctly adjusted you forget you're wearing it, but it's doing its job and helping to keep you safe.

Great bike and fantastic service received from enquiry to purchase.

So much better than expected!

We had a Cannondale Tandem for 15 years and found the hills were getting steeper for us!

The Gepida is more stable,more comfortable and livelier than the Cannondale even with the power off

The power is great for hills. We are delighted with it.

Very good, very small caveats

Brilliant, There isn't another bike that would do what this bike does, all the reviews on-line spell this out nicely. so just some small issues I have with it for sorting out on future models.
The Charger is quick, but heavy and huge, Bosch should integrate USBC trickle charge and discharge into the battery pack at this price, then you can keep it topped up at work and take it camping as stand alone power utility.
Its no Brompton, or anything like, if you need a small light Brompton like foldable with a motor, get one, this aint it.
The rear frame and rack is bit messy, with lots of TIG welding filler and bracing to make it work, although strong there seems a lot of metal bracing, other models are "cleaner' and more elegant in this area of the frame and rack.
My Ortieb panniers (20yo but still perfect) are not very secure on the rack, OK but easily dislodged.
The light is just OK, they will see you, but for €4K bike beam pattern is not up to modern accessory lights or as bright, could just be matter of an upgraded LED.
Folded its still big and handles like a set of angry bagpipes made out of pointy spikes, hower not a bad as some.
I would have prefered a Schwalbe tyre with more armour for puncture resistance.

Raleigh Centros

Great help from sales team and fast delivery.
Very happy

All working fine and thanks for a speedy turnaround great service


The cube bike is excellent ...the fatter tyres are essential with our appalling roads and cycle paths.....the charging plug can be awkward to fit in a semi darken environment so a white line to line the plug up has been undertaken saving time and frustration......as with most E bikes there is no immediate acting lock to secure the bike so chains etc must be used even when popping into a shop for a few minutes a locking motor/hub on removal of the computer could be devised ?

Really !!

I have received an e:mail stating my bike would be with me soon, followed a few days later by this.
I took delivery of my bike over 18 months ago.
Glitch in your system??

Aftersales support

Its two years since I bought my Scott Addict eRide 10 and when I've had problems the team give really good support. Send a photograph of the problem, like my cracked iWOC button surround, and they give you a price and send it out next day.

Plate for a 2023 Cube bike (not the one shown in the image)

What I needed was a plate for my 2023 Cube bike and the image for the item is for some other version. That version is available from all online shops but won't fit my 2023 Cube... So I contacted e-bikeshop and Alfred sorted me out with a plate that fits my bike. Installation takes about a minute: fasten two screws and you're good to ride!

5 Star design.

Very easy to set up and use. Shame it's so expensive!

Good quality sprocket

Great quality sprocket
Good tight fit on the splined shaft
My bike (Diamondback Lux with Bosch CX drive) did need a spacer so I ground the teeth off the old sprocket and used that

Awesome Machine!

Having taken delivery of my bike just before storm Ciaran hit us here in the South East, I have yet to go out for my first ride! However, I have had the time to examine the bike and its workings in detail and am mighty impressed with the quality of the build and components fitted. I can’t wait to get out for my inaugural ride!

Raleigh Motus Tour

I have been a serious road cyclist and mountain biker for 40 years. A recent accident put me on crutches for 9 months and left me with limited leg movement. The Raleigh low step Motus Tour saved the day and now I am once again able to experience the sense of ecstasy that only cycling on a lonely country road can bring ! After a life time on expensive racing steeds, I expected my new acquisition to feel like a tractor. It did not. It’s still early days but so far I am impressed. Everything works flawlessly and runs smoothly. I am particularly impressed by the way it rides like a normal bicycle and then by the smooth power delivery when the hills get to steep for the old legs. One complaint - puncture on my second ride. I have now upgraded to Schaub Marathon tyres. So far, so good.

Bike turned up quickly and on time. Very easy to deal with, and the best on price 👍

Just the job.

Having used the tool this weekend to remove the crank to allow me to fit a new chain ring on my Trek Powerfly 4 I can wholeheartedly report a positive result - you've got to have the correct tool for the job and this was it. Brilliant.

Bosche E Bike Pin Adaptor

Excellent service, part arrived very quickly. I would highly recommend this company.

Great Bike

This is my first ebike, for the money it has great spec. It ticks a lot of boxes, there are not many brands that make a 27.5 wheel size ebike. Two downsides for me are the axles are not QR and when you freewheel you feel the drag back!
Overall though, great bike, I would recommend this bike for anyone who is looking for 27 5 inch wheel.