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Electric Bike Rain Covers

Electric Bike Covers at E-Bikeshop

Bicycle covers stand as guardians, shielding bikes from the elements, preserving their condition whilst keeping bikes out of sight too.

These protective layers, available in waterproof and UV-resistant materials, safeguard against rain, sun, dust, and scratches, prolonging bike lifespan.

Tailored fits and elastic edges ensure complete coverage, guarding every curve and component. Whether for indoor storage or outdoor protection, these covers prevent rust and maintain the bike's pristine appearance.

Lightweight and portable, they offer convenience for travellers or commuters, doubling as an on-the-go shield. Bicycle covers aren't just about shelter—they're essential guardians, ensuring bikes are always ready for the next ride.

Which bike cover you choose will be dictated by where you plan to use it. If you are only covering the bike from dust inside a garage or shed, almost any material will be absolutely fine. If you are using a bike cover to protect it outside, a waterproof but breathable cover is best.

Bike covers offer a range of benefits. Not only do they keep the bike protected from the elements and therefore preventing rust and other age accelerating wear (like UV damage to the paintwork causing fading of the colours) but they're also a great theft deterrent. Not only can a potential thief not see what bike is hiding under the cover, they also likely wont be able to see what locking solution you're using, making it a much higher risk option to steal.

Most bike covers are designed for a single bike, but covers for multiple bikes are also available and can still be used on a single bike when needed. Most bike covers are measured from end to end, and measuring the length of your bike from the tip of the front wheel to the most rearward part of the rear wheel will help you determine the correct size of cover for your bike.

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