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Buyers Guide Step 1:
How e-Bikes Can Benefit

Why would you want an electric bike?
Electric bikes are many things to many people. Some want to extend a commute or arrive less hot and bothered, and others are after a helping hand on the hills, or to keep up with fitter riding companions. Whilst all our e-bike riders love the fun factor! E-bikes can benefit in many ways..

Eco friendly

Eco Friendly Electric Bikes

Healthy Lifesyle

Healthy Lifestyle Electric Bikes

Faster commuting

Commute Faster with Electric Bikes

Save costs

Save Costs on travel with Electric Bikes

"I’ve seen articles which suggest it is for those people that aren’t very fit for one reason or another, but I don’t really agree with that assessment. An e-bike is a really efficient means of personal transport for anyone, much better in the city than a car, or even a motorbike"


The most recent take up in the eBike world has been the introduction of electric mountain biking. To sum it up it's pretty much the most amount of fun you can have on an MTB! It initially started with people intrigued with the sport. Often dismissed until they actually tried in reality, it's great! We now see more and more younger mountain bike enthusiasts moving over to eMTBs, to progress their skills, cover more distance and ride longer, faster & harder than ever before!

Think of it this way:
Forget the hills, arriving sweaty, the parts you had to get off and walk up & the stressful bits. Now think of all the best bits, the fun, the smiles, the fitness and enjoyment you get out of cycling. Imagine just riding with all the best bits.

See now why so many people are taking to eBikes? Try one and you'll see what we mean!

Electric Mountain Bikes eMTB

Standing charges per year

Electric bike running costs can be compared to those of a car. A lot of people are finding commuting on an electric bike a much more economical way to travel. Some also prefer the eBike experience to that of a car. Overall there are no standing charges per year for an eBike.

Average Size Petrol Car Average Electric Bike
Road Tax £175.00 £0.00
Insurance £806.00 £0.00
MOT £55.00 £0.00
TOTALS £1036.00 £0.00

Running costs

There are so many factors to include it’s a little difficult to average. As many cars and eBikes have such a wide range of running costs between them. One of the biggest factors is going to be fuel prices as these change all the time.

Typically an average petrol car will cost 14.19pence per mile just on petrol. Whereas an average eBike can travel a mile in roughly 0.13 of a penny. There are other factors to include in the running costs like Tyres, Service Charges, Replacement Parts, Parking tickets and Depreciation etc. Read our full running costs article +

Electric Bike Transport Costs for Commuters

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