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Shimano Powered Electric Bikes

Shimano Powered E-Bikes
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We stock a range of official Shimano powered electric bikes, perfectly matched rider, motor support and drivetrain control.

All of our Shimano powered E-Bikes come with a 2yr manufacturer warranty which covers all of the components on the Shimano eSystem. We have trained Shimano E-Bike technicians in-house to support the Shimano E-Bikes that we sell.

There are different Shimano electric bike motors available depending on what style of E-Bike it's to be fitted to. Shimano offer a range of different E-Bike motors and it's up the the supplier to determine the best fit for the bike.

Shimano E6100

200% Assist + 60Nm Torque The Shimano E6100 motor is built for a subtle and comfortable ride assist. More commonly found on touring bikes.

Shimano E8000

300% Assist + 70Nm Torque The Shimano E8000 motor offers more torque and assistance for sportier electric bike riders. More common on eMTB.

Shimano EP6

400% Assist + 85Nm Torque The Shimano EP6 motor is featured on our Orbea Rise & Urrun E-Bikes & the assistance level can be tuned by the rider.

Shimano EP8

400% Assist + 85Nm Torque The Shimano EP8 motor is featured on our Orbea Rise E-Bikes & it's custom tuned to offer the maximum rider support.

Shimano offer a range of battery shapes to suit different E-Bikes. Some are mounted in the frame whilst others are outside. All of our Orbea Rise models use a newer style battery, located inside the frame for ultimate protection and looks.

Shimano E8016

The Shimano E8016 battery is mounted outside the frame and more commonly found on older generation E-Bikes.

Shimano E8035

The Shimano E8035 is a newer style internal battery mounted inside the frame, it can be charged on or off the bike.

Shimano E8036

The Shimano E8036 battery is also internally mounted in the frame. It's slightly longer & narrower than it's predecessor.

Shimano have different styles of displays available to suit riders needs. Most of our Orbea Rise models don't come with a dispaly, they are controlled wirelessly. However you can opt to upgrade to the E8000 display on request.

Shimano EW-EN100

The Shimano EN100 isn't actually a 'display' it's a connector block that sends signals to read out parameters via an app.

Shimano SC-EN500

The Shimano EN500 display is similar to the E5003, however it's a later design with an extra button for easy operation.

Shimano SC-E5003

The Shimano E5003 is a black and white control unit with built-in buttons. It sits to the left hand side of the handlebars.

Shimano SC-EN600

The Shimano EN600 display offers all the features of the other screens but with no actual display, it's neat and compact.

Shimano SC-E7000

The Shimano E7000 display mounts centrally to the bars. It also connects wirelessly to an app for extra rider features.

Shimano SC-E8000

The Shimano E8000 display features a colour 1.6" display and can be connected wirelessly to customize to the riders spec.

Shimano offer different electric bike battery capacities, our Orbea models are offered in either 360Wh or 540Wh. The smaller, lighter 360Wh battery is generally fitted to the lighter carbon models. More Wh = more range, lets break them down:

Battery Capacity Battery Est Range
Shimano 360Wh 30-100 Power Assisted Miles
Shimano 540Wh 30-140 Power Assisted Miles

The above ranges are estimates only. Range is dependent on lots of external factors like wind, hills, rider weight & assist mode to name a few. If you want a more accurate range estimate, why not try our handy range calculator +

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Eco Friendly E-Bike Benefits

E-Bikes help you reduce your carbon footprint whilst improving your overall fitness & health.


Improved Torque E-Bike Benefit

With assisted Shimano power, you can tackle the toughest of hills. It's climbing, but fun!


Low Refilling Cost E-Bike Benefits

An average car costs 14.0p per mile on petrol alone. A Shimano E-Bike is 200% less at 0.13p.


Great Workout E-Bike Benefit

Explore outdoors on your Shimano E-Bike. It’s a workout and you are not stuck inside.


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