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Electric Bike Cleaning & Lube

Electric Bike Cleaning & Lube at E-Bikeshop

Keeping your electric bike clean is important for a happy eBike and ultimately a happy rider. More miles equals more smiles!

See our tips for cleaning and maintaining your electric bike in our tips guide. In this range you'll find everything you need to get you started including cleaning equipment and lube. Bicycle cleaning and lubrication products are the lifeblood of bike maintenance, ensuring smooth rides and prolonging component life.

Purpose-built cleaners efficiently dissolve grime and dirt, preserving the bike's finish without damaging materials. Lubricants, ranging from wet to dry formulas, optimise performance by reducing friction and repelling moisture, crucial for chain and gear longevity. Biodegradable options align with eco-conscious practices, safeguarding the environment.

Application-specific brushes and tools streamline cleaning, reaching every nook and cranny. These products, whether degreasers, chain oils, or cleaning kits, are indispensable for cyclists, upholding bike integrity, enhancing performance, and preserving the joy of every ride.

Cleaning a bike is as important as routine chain maintenance and servicing. Aside from your bike looking better when clean, its a good opportunity to get up close to the bike and inspect it for wear and tear and any previously unnoticed damage. Its also a good way of ensuring any contaminants likely to be detrimental to the longevity of components are removed.

How often you clean your bike really depends on your use. Road cyclists tend to be the fussiest bunch when it comes to cleanliness but if riding on the road in the summer, you could go all season with little more than a bit of dust. In the other camp, mountain bikers often make the biggest messes of their bikes and will need to clean it each time it goes out in order to properly inspect it for wear and tear after each big and/or aggressive riding day. If you can't see your components or parts of your frame well enough to inspect them, its probably time for a quick bath!

There are lots of brands catering specifically to the bike industry when it comes to cleaning and Muc-Off are arguably one of the most well known. As a minimum you should make sure that they're not heavily de-greasing (so they don't eat the grease from your drivetrain and bearings) and are pH neutral to maintain the paint finish on your bike.

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