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Specialist Tools For E-Bikes

Electric Bike Tools at E-Bikeshop

Specialist electric bike tools are essential for precise maintenance and repairs, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Tailored for e-bike components, these tools include diagnostic devices for system analysis, torque wrenches for precise fittings, and specific adapters to prevent damage. Crank pullers and chainring tools aid in motor maintenance, prolonging lifespan.

Battery management tools and programming devices ensure efficient electrical system functioning. Allen keys for on-the-go adjustments is a must for any rider. A chain tool will also help you navigate out of tricky situations should you have any issues whilst out on the ride.

From reputable brands and e-bike manufacturers, these tools are indispensable for servicing electric bikes, empowering technicians with the means to maintain reliability and safety while ensuring riders' confidence in their e-bike's performance and longevity. Here you'll find all tools relevant to eBikes.

While most of the bike can be worked on with the same tools as an ordinary bike, there are a handful of tools which are specific to each manufacturer, like the tools required to remove the lock rings from chain rings to remove them from the motor. Many of these are readily available to those who want to work on their own bike for less than the price of an hours workshop labour, and you'll have them for life. Some tools, because of the potential to harm the bike (like the integrated diagnostic and programming software) are dealer only tools which are not available to owners.

Not really. For the most part, the only tools required will be things you would ordinarily have as part of bike ownership in your garage/shed at home. Basic hand tools like spanners, screwdrivers and hex/allen and torx keys are always useful. Things like a chain breaker (for removing and refitting chains), crank removal tools (to remove and replace damaged cranks) are nice to have, but not 100% necessary for ownership.

At E-bikeshop, we stock all of the most commonly used tools by riders who work on their own bikes and we actively support customers learning about and working on their own bikes. The tools we sell are (where possible) sourced directly from the manufacturers of the component its needed for and made available to our customers for convenience.

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