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Orbea E-Bike Parts & Spares

Orbea Electric Bike Spares at E-Bikeshop

As the UK's premier Orbea electric bike dealer we offer the full support for Orbea eBikes. We hold spares to support the Orbea eBikes we sell.

We also have fully trained Orbea tech's on site should they be required. It's important with any product to not just sell the bikes but fully support the bikes too. This is why many parts are available exclusively to our clients only and have everything in hand should there be any issues.

Orbea's OEM electric bike parts, spares, and accessories exemplify precision engineering and reliability, providing seamless replacements and enhancements for your Orbea e-bike. These original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components span motors, batteries, frames, and accessories, upholding Orbea's strict quality standards for superior performance and durability.

Crafted to mirror Orbea's innovative designs, these parts maintain the bike's integrity and exceptional ride quality. Whether upgrading or accessorising for specific needs, Orbea's OEM parts and accessories guarantee the same exceptional quality as the original equipment. Readily available through authorised dealers, they ensure your Orbea bike maintains peak performance and reliability throughout your adventures.

Being a fairly niche brand, genuine Orbea parts, spares and accessories are only available via their own authorised dealers or from their own website where they're always happy to serve customers directly.

We would always recommend replacing parts during service and maintenance with genuine, like for like items. While many of the parts will be made by other manufacturers like Shimano, Bosch, SRAM, etc. however with Orbea's focus on hand-built and painted, perfectly crafted machines, they do build their bikes with a reasonable number of their own, proprietary parts for which there is almost never an after-market alternative.

Orbea, although based in Spain, tend to sit on a really good back catalogue of parts and spares for their bikes. To supplement this, we also invest heavily in holding a large amount of the most commonly used parts and spares in our own warehouses, bringing lead times down to sub 36 hours in most cases, or a week if we need to get it from Orbea directly.

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