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Shimano Steps E-Bike Parts

Shimano Electric Bike Spares at E-Bikeshop

Shimano's electric bike parts and spares, beyond brakes and gears, showcase precision engineering and reliability.

Covering motors, batteries, displays, and electronic components, these original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts align with Shimano's exacting standards for top-tier performance and endurance. Crafted to complement Shimano's innovative designs, these components maintain the bike's integrity and exceptional functionality.

Whether upgrading or replacing a battery for extended rides, or updating electronic displays, Shimano's OEM parts ensure the same exceptional quality as the original equipment. Conveniently accessible through authorized dealers, they promise your Shimano-equipped e-bike maintains superior performance and reliability across all rides.

We offer many eBikes that run off the renowned Shimano Steps eBike system. We understand it's important to hold spares to support the eBikes we sell. We also have fully trained Shimano Steps tech's on site should they be required. It's important with any product to not just sell the bikes but fully support the bikes too. This is why many parts are available exclusively to our clients only and have everything in hand should there be any issues.

You'll never find a better place to buy genuine Shimano parts and spares than from E-Bikeshop or if easier, your local independent bike shop. While occasionally prices on the two most popular online market places can be tempting, its also where almost all of the trade of counterfeit Shimano goods are sold through and carries some risk.

Brake pads and chains are the two most commonly replaced Shimano components on any bike. After this, cassettes and chain rings which tend to last much longer and finally, items like jockey wheels and bearings. Keeping a spare set of pads and a chain on hand is never a bad idea.

You can, but it isn't advised. There are lots of after-market alternative components which are compatible or designed specifically to work as direct replacements, but only a handful are actually any good/better than the Shimano alternative. We would always recommend replacing any component like-for-like if in doubt. Feel free to get in touch if you want to alter any of the Shimano parts on your bike and we'll be happy to advise.

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