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Car Cycle Racks For E-Bikes

Electric Bike Car Cycle Racks at E-Bikeshop

If you wish to carry your eBike further afield by car, we offer a range of car cycle racks suitable for electric bikes.

Along with the necessary adapters and storage bags. It's important to note you'll need the applicable tow ball already fitted to your car ahead of fixing a rack to it. Towball mounted bicycle racks stand out as the ultimate solution for heavier eBikes due to their robustness and convenience.

These racks leverage the strength of a towball, providing a stable and secure platform for transporting heavier electric bikes. With sturdy construction and higher weight capacities, they ensure reliable support during transit, offering peace of mind for cyclists. Their user-friendly design allows effortless loading and unloading, minimizing strain.

The towball attachment provides superior stability and reduces sway, enhancing safety on the road. Versatile and easy to install, these racks accommodate various bike sizes, making them the preferred choice for transporting substantial eBikes, combining reliability with effortless functionality.

Towball racks offer stability, locking directly onto the vehicle's towball, ensuring a secure attachment. They minimize bike sway during transport and provide easy access to the rear of the vehicle. With sturdy construction and weight distribution, they offer a safe and reliable solution for transporting bikes.

Towball racks attach directly to the vehicle's towball, securing with a locking mechanism. They feature arms or trays to hold bikes, often accommodating multiple cycles. These racks offer stability and security during transport, utilising the vehicle's towball to create a robust and reliable attachment for safe bike transportation.

The amount of weight a rack can handle varies by manufacturer. When choosing which products we stock at E-Bikeshop, we ensure that the minimum weight rating is 50Kg. This means that two of any of our ebikes can be carried with their batteries removed and remain inside the safe working limit of the rack, however some can be as much as 75Kg.

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