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Mudguards For Electric Bikes

Electric Bike Mudguards at E-Bikeshop

Many riders like having mudguards fitted on their new electric bike. Some models have mudguards as standard, for others you'll need to select the compatible mudguards for your bike.

Not only does it help keep riding debris off the rider themselves, but it also is a great way of containing any muck and keeping their eBikes clean too! Bicycle mudguards are unsung heroes, warding off splashes and grime while cycling.

These essential accessories shield riders from mud, water, and debris, preserving clothing and enhancing comfort. With sleek designs tailored for various bikes, they deflect spray, keeping cyclists dry in inclement weather. Easy to install and lightweight, they complement the bike's aesthetics without compromising performance.

Mudguards aren't just about cleanliness; they prolong component lifespan by reducing wear from dirt and moisture. From urban commutes to off-road trails, these unassuming guards significantly elevate riding experiences, underscoring their indispensable role in maintaining rider comfort and preserving bikes from unnecessary wear and tear.

Mudguards help to protect you and your bike from everything the road and trail can throw at you. Water, mud, sticks and stones - you name it, they keep it off you and your bike.

Yes! Bike which don't have factory fitted mudguards or even any mounting points at all can have still after market solutions fitted. Feel free to get in touch with us if a bike you're interested in doesn't have mudguards or mounting points as standard and we'll be happy to suggest some compatible options.

For bikes which have mudguards as standard (like many of our Hybrid and Trekking bikes), mounting points are normally pre-drilled/threaded in the frame. For road bikes and mountain bikes where mudguards are not commonly included as standard, very sturdy clip or tie-wrap options are used, which are easily removable for when they're not needed.

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