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Its widely known and respected that road cyclists are some of the fittest people on two wheels and so are naturally the hardest people to convert to an electric road bike. Eventually however, age and injury comes to us all and as it does, electric road bikes are a fantastic way of extending the time in the saddle both in miles and years.

Many of our electric road bike customers come to us with a still very good cardiovascular fitness level but find long days and big hills more of a strain on their joints, limiting both the distance they can cover but also the social aspect of group riding. An electric bike is the perfect key to unlocking this potential again and in the words of many of our customers “takes 30 years off the legs”!

We’re very picky when it comes to drive systems. Thankfully, the Mahle eBikemotion X35 (40Nm) and X20 (60Nm) rear wheel hub drive systems found in our Orbea, Scott and Lapierre are super lightweight, very powerful for their size, highly reliable and come complete with a well supported warranty and aftercare package and a host of mobile app based features for rider control and information (not mandatory for use).

"To start with I didn't switch it on and rode it as a normal bike. I was expecting it to feel heavy with lots of drag from the motor and slightly oversized tyres but thought it was a joy to ride and very smooth over poor surfaces. With it switched on the assistance is subtle and very quiet, after a few minutes you forget it's an electric bike. Just feels like a tail wind or that I was suddenly 20 years younger."