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Pedals For Electric Bikes

Electric Bike Pedals at E-Bikeshop

We offer a complementary set of pedals with all of our electric bikes. Pedals are one of the most personal touches to any eBike.

Why not get a decent set of pedals to compliment your bike. We have a great range of flat pedals, right through to SPD style clip in pedals for more serious riders. Bicycle pedals are the pivotal link between rider and bike, dictating efficiency and control. These platforms, crafted in diverse materials from alloy to composite, offer stability and support for a powerful pedal stroke.

Their designs vary from flat to clipless, catering to different riding styles and preferences. Grippy surfaces and adjustable features optimize foot placement and comfort, crucial for long rides. Pedals, often overlooked, influence riding dynamics profoundly, enhancing traction, power transfer, and manoeuvrability.

Whether leisurely cruising or tackling challenging trails, these unassuming components play a fundamental role in every cyclist's performance, underscoring the importance of a quality pedal system in riding satisfaction.

On the whole, yes. Pedal fitment on bikes has been next to universal for decades, all sharing the same 9/16 20TPI (1.27mm) thread type which means that regardless of which bike you choose, almost any pedal you could buy today will fit the cranks. The only exceptions are very old French pedals or those made for single piece crank sets, and you'll be hard pressed to find any of those anymore!

Whether you ride flats or clips is a personal choice. On the whole, most road cyclists ride "clipped in" with SPD/SPD-SL type pedals. This is because being clipped in is the most efficient way to extract the most power from yourself and your bike. This is the same for many XC or "cross country" riders where again, performance is favoured where there is little need to remove feet from the pedals. For aggressive mountain bike riders and hybrid/leisure riders, flats are used the most. Mountain bike riders do a fair amount of crashing and prefer to be away from their bikes quickly without having to un-clip while thinking about how and where to land themselves in a crash and for leisure/hybrid riders, its just one less thing to think about!

Whether its worth spending that bit extra on pedals will depend on your usage. Mountain bikes are very hard on their pedals and road cyclists tend to do the most miles and so a more expensive pedal which are normally lighter but offers adjustment, is more robust or offers the option to remove and replace the internal bearings is much better long term value. For leisure riders only doing a few miles each day/week, a lower value set of pedals will do just fine in most cases.

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