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Electric Bike Stands & Mounts

Electric Bike Stands at E-Bikeshop

Bicycle stands are pivotal for convenience and bike care, they offer stable support, safeguarding bikes from damage and falls.

These prop-stands and mounts facilitate effortless parking in diverse settings, from urban areas to trails, ensuring bikes remain upright, preventing scratches and falls. They encourage organised storage, optimising space and allowing easy access for maintenance or quick getaways.

Varied designs cater to different needs—portable, wall-mounted, or floor stands, providing flexibility in usage. Sturdy materials and adjustable features accommodate various bike sizes and styles, enhancing their versatility. Bicycle stands aren't just about parking; they're a foundational accessory promoting bike longevity, ease of use, and the seamless integration of cycling into daily life.

We offer two types of bike stands. For city, commuter and hardtail eBikes you may wish to opt for a side-stand (where available). This is great to keep your bike upright when parking up. For mountain and road bikes, many riders opt for a bike stand, these are great for keeping your bikes stable and organised in the garage, along with holding the bike upright whilst cleaning.

A bike stand provides stability, keeping the bike upright for easy storage, repairs, or loading. It prevents damage to the frame or components and offers convenience for maintenance, parking, or quick access without leaning the bike against surfaces.

Whether or not your bike needs a mount to attach a stand will depend on the type of stand being used and what allowances the manufacturer of the bike when during the design of the bike. As a general rule, most our of Haibike models use one of two stands across all models and have a different mount to attach them to each bike. Cube however, on bikes designed to accept a stand, mostly use the same stand mounting. This is the same for the Orbea Vibe, for example, which regardless of model, uses the same stand which fits a "designed in" mounting point.

The amount of weight a bike stand can handle depends on several factors but largely comes down simply to the design and materials used. As a general rule of thumb, most stands will tolerate the weight of the bike plus the maximum luggage capacity of any factory fitted rack. In most cases, this would be about 50kg (combined).

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