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Folding Electric Bikes

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What makes a good folding eBike? Firstly the portability, the ease-ability of the fold & the all important ride characteristics.

A good quality portable electric bike will ride more like a regular bike, without feeling small but with the ability to pack down into tighter spaces for transport or storage. We've scoped the ranges for years and bought the best quality European built, folding electric bikes to the UK under one roof.

At e-bikeshop we specialise in European built crank drive electric bikes, built for range, reliability and an overall natural, enjoyable ride. We have dealt with many different electric bike manufacturers over the years and from experience; the Raleigh, Haibike, Cube, Scott, Gocycle, Lapierre, Tern & Moustache eBike range are the best of the bunch. We are the largest supplier in the UK for both Bosch and Yamaha eBikes.

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"The tern is a great bike, I use it for the end of a commute in London after parking up, it is a little bigger and heavier than say a non motorised Brompton and its a big but, it rides like a normal bike - no twitchiness, no wobbling, quick and direct steering, and goes like stink."