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Electric Bike Safety Helmets

Electric Bike Helmets at E-Bikeshop

Helmets are the single most important safety aspect whilst riding. They ensure your safety in the event of a fall or collision.

Helmets come in many shapes, sizes & colours, but all do the important bit in protecting your head! Choose a style and colour you prefer, use our size guide to help ensure you order the correct helmet size. A high-quality bicycle helmet stands as a non-negotiable safeguard for riders.

It's the pinnacle of protection, mitigating head injuries in unforeseen accidents. Engineered with advanced materials and designs, these helmets absorb impacts, shielding the skull and brain from severe trauma. Their ventilation systems ensure comfort without compromising safety.

Beyond meeting safety standards, they install confidence, encouraging consistent helmet use—a habit that could be life-saving. Investing in a premium helmet isn't just about compliance; it's an unequivocal commitment to personal well-being, a shield that transcends style, emphasising that safety is paramount in every cycling venture.

Wearing a helmet is not mandatory here in the UK to ride a legal power ebike, but there are very few good reasons to not wear one. Higher average speeds and more crowded roads and cycle lanes means a higher risk of accidents and nothing will protect your head better in the event of a crash or fall and the consequences of not wearing one even in low speed impact can lead to life changing brain injuries.

Helmet measurements are taken around the full circumference of the head, from the very center of the forehead. This measurement in CM (centimeters) can be used in the size comparison charts on our website to ensure you're getting the right size helmet for your head.

MIPS, or "Multi-directional Impact Protection System" is a technology used in mid to high end helmets to further protect the wearer from brain injuries in the event of a crash or fall. Your brain is "free floating" inside your skull and in the event of a hard impact it can move and this sudden accelerative force is what causes most concussions and brain injuries. The MIPS system is effectively a free floating cage inside the helmet which allows the helmet to rotate on the head without detaching, dispersing the impact force and reducing the risk of injury.

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