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Mahle Powered Electric Bikes

Mahle X20 & X35 Powered E-Bikes
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We stock a range of Mahle powered electric bikes. Perfectly matched rider, drivetrain & motor control in a lightweight platform.

All of our Mahle E-Bikes come with a 2 year guarantee which includes all of the components in the X35 and X20 drive systems. We also have dedicated Mahle trained support technicians in-house to ensure we can always fully support the Mahle E-Bikes we sell.

Yes! Mahle (otherwise and previously known as eBike Motion) electric bike motors are found in the rear wheel hub. They offer a super light-weight eSystem that allows subtle rider assistance support without compromising on weight and/or rolling resistance but with enough support to flatten even the biggest ascents.

Mahle X35

250w + 40Nm Torque The Mahle X35 motor offers invisible integration. It's extremely light-weight and offers unobtrusive support to the rider.

Mahle X20

250w + 55Nm Torque The Mahle X20 motor is a later generation tips the scales a little less than the X35 and offers more torque than ever before.

There are different eBike controls available for different Mahle equipped eBikes. Most of our Orbea Gain eRoad bikes feature the iWoc One button, where-as the Orbea Vibe uses the iWoc Trio and lastly some of our Scott eRoad bikes use the later X20 buttons.

Mahle iWoc One

The Mahle iWoc One button is simple to change modes. It displays the battery level and assistance mode to the rider.

Mahle iWoc Trio

The Mahle iWoc Trio control buttons sit to the left of the handlebars, you select rider modes up & down on-the-fly.

Mahle X20 Button

The Mahle x20 control button is integrated into the top tube of the eBike giving quick access for the rider to control assistance.

Mahle have made a couple of variations of their batteries. Starting with the i250 through to the i350 and not forgetting the famous Mahle Range Extender battery which gives extra 'bolt-on' rider range should it be required.

Mahle i250

The Mahle i250 is the most popular battery of choice for that perfect balance between light-weight and rider range.

Mahle i350

The Mahle i350 battery is situated in the bikes frame as above, however it's a little bigger and offers more range.

Range Extender

The Mahle Range Extender can be added to the bikes bottle cage mount & boosts the battery capacity of the bike.

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"As a seasoned cyclist that no longer enjoyed a stiff hill climb or long winding gradients, but still looking to be enjoying cycling and unable to avoid the hills in my area. I was looking for an e bike, but the big hefty bulky bikes didn't appeal to me. Also I didn't need full power, here is where my Orbea gain comes into its own brilliant bike. It’s lightweight for an e bike and secluded battery which gives me what I want. Takes the sting out of the hills and puts the joys back into cycling."

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Great Workout E-Bike Benefit

Explore outdoors on your Mahle E-Bike. It’s a workout and you are not stuck inside.


Eco Friendly E-Bike Benefits

E-Bikes help you reduce your carbon footprint whilst improving your overall fitness & health.


Improved Torque E-Bike Benefit

With assisted Mahle power, you can tackle the toughest of hills. It's climbing, but fun!


Low Refilling Cost E-Bike Benefits

An average car costs 14.0p per mile on petrol alone. A Mahle E-Bike is 200% less at 0.13p.


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